Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stumbling toward home

We're on the home stretch for our new home. This doesn't mean that things have gotten's been a very hectic and super stressful week.

I'm doing horribly with WOW...another week of drinking every night...I tell myself it's a reward I deserve after long, hard days. Not like I used to, but still. And we've been eating out every night too...this is bad for my weight even when I order good things (which I virtually always do). At least I'm still exercising (although after tonight I'm temporarily gym-less).

And I got my period today...I think. Even though I'm on hormones which are supposed to make it like clockwork, it's not. I'm 10 days late...I spot often...and I don't even really know what to do about hormone dosage because you usually do it around the days of the month and now mine is all wacky. I need to make an appointment with my gyne to figure this all out, but I have to pay her up front and get reimbursed and right now I don't have the hundreds of dollars to do that comfortably (gotta save it all for the new house, moving expenses, etc.).

Every day I think "one day closer to home". And I smile through the gritted teeth of yet another day of the rollercoaster. And then I remind myself that, after all, DB is "home" to me...


Lori said...

I think you should only be concerned if you start to act Ray Milland and start to carry around a typewriter to hock and finding out it's High Holy Days.

In other words, give yourself a break and remember you're going through some stressful things. Try to do the best you can but if you find yourself having a drink, it will be okay.

Cindy174 said...

It will be so nice when you move, then you will be in the new phase of living there instead of the turmoil of in between. I agree with Lori, give yourself a break. It is very exciting, too.