Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Monday...

...another day to start anew...will try to be better with WOW this week and will continue the other "good behaviors". I'm looking forward to my "new gym", i.e., biking or doglet walking and pilates or yoga on my regular "gym" days. In addition to mad packing (yes, that's a lot of exercise!) yesterday, I also managed to do the Doglet walk and pilates before dinner. I also walked a lot at the beach on Saturday with DB, his daughter and two grandkids...and I carried the baby (all 17 pounds of him!) most of the time. That's gotta be good for the arms, etc. Am feeling all the work in my butt and thighs today...and it feels good. :-)

Wishing myself luck for the next couple of weeks...lots going on with the move...and I'm getting very excited to see The Police on Wednesday night!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Didn't take the time to log in -

Foo saw the Police a couple nights ago - she wrote about it here:

Cindy174 said...

Sounds like tons of exercise to me, I am so excited for you with the move. I know I say that all the time.

Lori said...


I wondered when the concert was...yay for you! (I can still see the official t-shirts for sale at the Police show I saw @ yikes, 25 or 30 years ago at the Cap Centre in DC).

It does sound like a lot of exercise and you're feeling it too which definitely counts! Have fun and don't stress out about things if you can help it.