Monday, August 17, 2009

I hate Mondays

Too much frickin' stuff going on in life (work is slammed, Mommy moving, Burning Man prep, etc.). While I had lots of fun, I feel like I had no weekend at all. :-( That, plus I ate rice last night...big mistake. I know what went wrong and I am DONE with it:

DB has decided to play fast-and-loose with the Macro. He's not eating the right number of meals a day ("I'm not hungry") or in the right combinations. It still seems to be working for him (he's down a teeny bit from pre-vacation weight...some days). Trying to do his way is NOT working for me. Yesterday is a perfect example. I had a salad (yes, a salad) for breakfast. He had an omelette (huge), hash browns and two pieces of rye toast. Later in the afternoon, I was so hungry that I had to get some turkey while out and about, then had an egg on Ezekiel bread. Here's where I screwed up: I waited and didn't eat dinner until 8:30 pm when DB finally was hungry. That's a total of two meals that I had before 8:30 pm...and was physically working a lot too. I was WAY too hungry. I had no desire to have control so I ate a lot of sushi with the rice. Bad plan. Scale was up today. :-(

So, I told DB that I am sticking with the program...if he doesn't want to eat breakfast or doesn't want to eat the required number of meals, that is fine, but I need to do it. My body is different than his and this program (when I stick to it...which I have not been all the time lately) works for ME.

Sigh...learning learning learning all the time...what works, what doesn't. And no time to blog much either...


Cindy...154 said...

I like that, learning, learning, learning all the time...has a nice ring to it. Good to realize you are just different and need to do what you need to do, not wishing you could be different, just accepting.

Vickie said...

has your mom been accumulating stuff all these years in her current apartment - so that you have a lot of cleaning OUT - or is it just a matter of moving her?

HAve you ever done weeks 7 and 8? - the HOLD weeks - that you do before you start back thru again (if you have more weight to lose after week 6).

Keeping on - and keeping on is not actually working the PLAN. It is thinking d-i-w-t.

Probably important to DO the plan so that it works long term - ????

Vickie said...

that is d-i-e-t. . .

LG said...

Most likely let's face facts with DB. He's a guy and he'll lose weight faster than a woman would. Secondly, if he's playing fast and loose, he's probably deciding on eating when he's hungry. (And if not, he will be sorry in the long run.)

I'm having a similar problem only my DB won't eat if his BG is up or he's not hungry. Last night, he sounded like he wasn't going to eat until 10 p.m. so I went out and got some California rolls. He was a bit shocked that I left him to do that while he was asleep but hey, we have to look out for ourselves. We can't eat that late and go without food for that long. We'll overeat to compensate and satiate ourselves.

You got a lot of things done over the weekend which is a good thing but not enough down time. Maybe you can get some soon! XOXO

Helen said...

My mom has downsized a lot over the years. She's now in a 1 BR/1 BA apartment. But she still has A LOT of stuff that will need to dwindle before moving into what amounts to a hotel room. I've already put stuff up for sale on Craig's List for her...and more to come, I'm sure. Just so little time to do all this right now.

Also, NO, I did not do weeks 7 and 8...that's when we went to Virgin Islands and when I came back I jumped right back into week 2 or 3. I agree that I have to DO IT...not dance around it. And I've been doing it a lot more than DB...but he's still down more than me. :-( It's not realistic for me to be perfect at the moment for many many reasons...that's just the reality.

But I want to MAINTAIN until Burning Man, then get back on the LOSS wagon after.

Trying to stay positive about all the progress I've made and not beat myself up TOO much over some extra rice here and an extra martini there. But it's hard.

Laura N said...

Hey girl, I hear you on playing around with the plan. That's what happened to me last year. You start feeling good, looking good, life gets in the way, you kind of work the plan but kind of don't. The scary thing is the weight comes right back when you put carbs back in. BUT, I think you've already realized how much better you feel when you eat proteins & veggies & complex carbs in limited amounts. Splurging once a week is even allowed on her plan in maintenance. If you can manage to limit carbs to before 3 p.m. most days, even if you aren't being that strict but eating protein, too, I bet you'll be fine. Even during the crazy part of life, you don't have to be super strict but stick to the idea of the plan (baseline days 90% of the time will probably keep you maintaining).

Heck, I've been drinking a Mike's hard lemonade at night the past 2 nights & I'm still losing. I'm sure they will catch up with me eventually, but for now I'm going with it.

Good luck getting it all done!!!!