Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A plug

So here's a little story:

Last Saturday night we were semi- (or full-out-) drunkenly strolling down the Venice boardwalk and I heard a singer. Unlike most of the people I see down there, she captured my attention. I listened to her for (what seemed to pretty-drunken me) a long time. I gave her some money. I hit up my companions to give me some more money to buy her cd.

Yesterday I popped in the cd just to see if I loved her as much while non-drunk. I do. Love her voice, love her lyrics. I'd pay to see her (and I don't do that for too many people -- went to see Elvis Costello & Lucinda Williams last night on ebay-bought cheapie tix). So I went to look to see when I could go. Boo hoo, no upcoming shows in CA, but maybe there might be some by you. Check out the list of shows here:

I'm sure her shows are cheap or free...and I'm pretty sure you'd like her. :-)

Elvis and Lucinda were great...two of my favorites who I had never seen live...classic voices. And our seat were great! :-)

Back in the saddle with The Macro. Hanging on tight. 12 days until Burning Man...


Vickie said...

I thought you were going to say that you got her a CD deal (or whatever the deal are these days that they aren't record deals. . .)

she has to stop smoking. . .

are you even remotely packed for burning man? DB going early again with friend - or is he waiting for you - or are you both going early?

Helen said...

We still call 'em "record deals"...but they're not all that anymore. Mostly just a banking proposition...I think a lot of artists these days do a lot better financially and career-wise on their own.

Lots of our Burning Man stuff is kind of permanently packed...we just have to take it out of storage and figure out how to get it all into Vera the Van. This year we are renting a trailer so we don't have to cram so much in...that will make packing easier. DB is actually working today on getting some stuff into Vera (we piled it all up in his garage on the weekend). I still have to buy food and drink and finalize toiletries and clothes packing, but we're gonna be ok...

We're both going at the same time this year...leaving on Sunday 8/30...arriving there on Monday...back on Sept. 8 late.

Bea said...

Are you going to blog while at Burning Man? I want to know "from the ground" as it were why you and DB enjoy it so much. Reno friend Kim and her new fiance my also attend. If you run into an auburn haired nurse with a silver haired escort say hello from me.

Much internal trauma and drama on this end. I am inching my way back to my Kay Shepperd food plan. I am coming to terms with my "this fat thing is sooooo hard and unfair" lament. Somehow in my muddled mind I believe that if a situation is unfair I get to avoid it. Like a juvenile I believe a "grownup" is going to miraculously arrive and fix my food problem. Turns out I am the grownup. Nothing like blinding truth at 52.

Stay on the plan in-spite of DB. Men live in a "fair" world of weight. Cause and effect work for them. Take care.

Lori G. said...

I think I've heard of her, believe it or not. I'll have to go and see what's happening here in Virginia.

Lucinda is coming to our town mid-September but it's very pricey (for me). :-(