Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm a moron

I "gained" 5+ pounds over the weekend due to corn-on-the-cob, tortilla chips, French fries (what was I thinking?) and rice. :-( Two plus are gone today, but I am very disappointed in myself. Eating around kids is hard and, in case I didn't mention, I am a moron.

We did have a whole huge lot of fun though. :-)
Saturday we went to the children's parade which was fantastic -- all these little kids in costume, floats that are pushed or pulled by parents, etc. Smiley said to me: "Helen, I really want to be in the parade.". :-) Maybe next year.

Then we went to the beach for about 3 hours. When we got there, Little Dude (formerly known as Crybaby) wailed "me no beach" and wouldn't go another step onto the sand so I picked him up and planted him on the coverlet on the ground...by the end of the afternoon, he was happily playing in the sand. I think he was just afraid of the ocean.

After the beach, we washed the kids off and went to the carnival and after that we barbecued burgers and they watched a video before sleep. Sunday we just played around the house in the morning, then left about 12:30. Did lunch and mani-pedis (for all six of us!) on the way home. Little Dude had been hearing "mani-pedi" so joyfully all weekend from all the girls that by the time we got there he was shouting "mani-pedi"!!! He had a ball and his little chubby hands are so cute with the nail polish that matches his Papa's.

Princess is a beauty...such a sweetheart...getting to be such a grown up girl...we keep trying to encourage her to still be a kid...she's a real "little mommy' to her younger siblings.

Our other granddaughter (from PD2's family...oy, what is her secret name here? I forget! I'll call her Sweetheart) is not as effusive as the rest...and I think it's hard for her a little because the other kids have been on many more adventures with us so know that it's going to be lots of fun. She misses her parents a lot too...oh well...she did have a fantastic time. :-)

Little Dude actually smiles at me and talks with me now. FINALLY. :-)

I may be a moron, but I love being a grandma. :-)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like such a fun day with people that you love. Kids at the beach are a joy to watch except when they're screaming, but that usually ends fast and they're back to playing in the sand. And to have a parade to boot - a winner of a day.

As for your 5+ pounds: don't worry about them. You know what to do and are already doing it. Those pounds won't stay long because you are focused. And I'm guessing that this is something you'll remember the next time you are faced with weekend eating.

And no, you are not a moron :)

Vickie said...

I can't remember WHAT week it is - but there was one where both weekend days were carb down and then Wednesday was too. And my carb up days hit the first and last day of my exercise. I remember thinking that was a good 'self protection mode' week. Something to fall back on if I had an out of control week (like my mom's husband and my mom crash at the same time again).

I am wondering if there is a week that was that way for you - that you can turn to on these kind of weekends.

I would (personally) do better with carb down - and just not being able to eat ANY carbs after my oatmeal at breakfast - on the kid weekend that you describe. And you might want to rethink what you feed the kids if their food bothers you.

The fries for example - not a right of childhood to have fries - I realize it is common - but my kids don't eat them and haven't in years. . .

My guess is that you are finding it helpful to think MORON ACTION - and so go for it - if it helps.

Helen said...

Whew. Down to just 0.4 over pre-kid-weekend weight. It's not a problem to buckle down when the scale is so scary. But I am running to stand still if every weekend is like last weekend.

I'm like you, Vickie...much easier for me to have NO starches in a day. It is crystal clear that I am a carb addict and this program is the way for me...as long as I stick with it all or most of the time. I think you are right about scale vs. very strict food. I'm a scale person...the only way to REALLY keep a hold on this before it gets out of hand. Every time.

Now...I'd like to get off these final two pounds to get me to pre-vacation weight...and beyond! Today is carb-up day and that usually triggers another loss...for whatever wacky reason!

Doc Manette said...

Golly what a fun and exhausting weekend! What a bunch of lucky grandkids to be able to hang out with you!

Would you like a surly 12 year old? The boy brought me to that place this morning where steam literally is coming out of my ears. Of course, sending him your way would be a reward not a punishment - maybe I should send just me your way!

I jumped on the Crack the code bandwagon due to your and Vickie's success - the first three days showed a 5 pound loss and I've found the first week easier than I thought it would be . . . but I still have Thursday, Friday and Saturday to go . . .

Bea said...

Of all the names you might call yourself "moron" is the furthest from the truth.

I have the Crack book but haven't read it yet. Still too many parties and visitors, and not yet ready.

Beach sounds lovely. Next time I am not coming to CA in June and I am going to get to the beach. Cheers

Laura said...

I saw your pics from the Fiesta on Gonzo's fb page--all the kids are so cute! You look great, btw. Very svelte!