Monday, December 10, 2007

The Procurement Officer

Oops...I meant I filled up my CART, not my CARD!! ;-)

I love shopping. And that's almost literally all I've been doing during non-working and non-sleeping hours the past few days! We actually went to a mall on Saturday -- yikes, I know why I prefer on-line shopping. Sunday I went to Ross (off-price great stuff -- those of you not out west don't know what you're missing) and shopped for 3 hours. I totally filled up my card. Spent $300 but it would have been over $1000 at a regular place. With my family and DB's, we have a LOT of gifts to get and I'm the official Procurement Officer of the team. It's very fun, but I'm just about shopped out. Luckily, I'm also just about finished shopping...ahhhh...I need a rest and to catch up.

Food has been good. Booze not so good over the weekend. I do have a hard time with moderation in all things. But luckily the non-drinking during the week is now a habit so I don't miss it at all. :-)

Tomorrow DB has yet another procedure on his shoulder -- they knock him out so I'll be missing a half day of work again, but this is FINE WITH ME. I need a vacation though...a real vacation...soon!

Now I think I'll head to bed and maybe watch part of a movie...if I'm lucky maybe I'll meet DB there! :-)


Vickie said...

I had very good luck at Target yesterday - found a darling red sweater for the youngest in the women's dept. It was XS and had 3/4 sleeves - darling with large buttons on the boddice (sp?). I am done with my own shopping - just finishing up odds and ends of my moms and wondering if I will end up doing my MIL's at the last minute. She was back in hospital again yesterday - bleeding.

Lori said...

There's a Ross in the town next to my mom's. I've been trying to get up there for a weekend but haven't made it (we also have a Gabriel Brothers which is a weird East Coast/Penn. chain).

You sound like you were in your element shopping and being CPO.

Tell DB good luck with his procedure! I'll be thinking of him.

Vickie said...

Who is the Wrapping Officer?

I thought the card instead of cart - was probably Freudian. . .

Vickie said...

Is there something else that I need to know about next steps in shoulder stands? I had no idea that we would move on to "no hands" - will be something to add to my list to practice every day.

We did a flow series of all standing poses with Sabrina on Saturday - where we really never moved our feet - Warriors, triangle, side angle, etc. And Barbara always says "don't grip with your toes - they should stay nice and relaxed - you should be able to lift them in a relaxed way so they are not even touching the ground" I wonder if that series is something you can add to your list of things to do with toe??? I was trying to think of the things that you absolutely couldn't do -

hero? or any other pose where you sit on your feet?

down dog TO another pose where you have to bend your toes around - like updog to down dog, etc

plank - because toes are bent forward?

Dolphin - bent toes again?

Have you tried making a list of the can and the can nots?

Vickie said...

I really need to learn the sanscript (sp???) names because that is all Barbara uses and if we ask for the common name - she pretends like she didn't hear us - if pressed - she says she has no idea. This is how she was taught - this is the kind of class she teaches and this is how her own instructor is. So, I am wondering if there are flashcards that I can carry. I probably need flashcards with pictures. I tried googling - didn't see anything - do you know??? I am sure that there is a base system - that parts of the words always mean specific things - like "down" or like parts of the body. This probably came easily to you - because you are such a language person - but I am not - it sounds like gobblygook to me - all of it.