Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm still here

But so swamped with life that no time to do any kind of in-depth post (or even to read most of your blogs, sorry!). Identity theft takes a lot of time, plus work, home and ho-ho-holidays (difficult to Xmas shop after cancelling all my credit cards. ;-)

Anyway...our party on Saturday was fantastic...I hope to have some photos to post when DB has a chance to upload them. More details then.

Food is pretty good. SSO drinking is very good so at least I'm proud of that. And I'm exercising. I read somewhere that the goal until January should be MAINTAINING. Of course, I want to lose, but I guess I'll be happy to maintain...and that might take a miracle.

1 comment:

Vickie said...

did you figure out how identity theft person got your "stuff"?