Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thyroid update

I heard back from my GP today and he told me that the results from my blood test show that I am now HYPERthyroid which, of course, would explain my symptoms from earlier in the week. My symptoms got substantially better when I reduced the amount of medication I take daily on Tuesday, but my heart still feels fluttery, I am still jittery and nauseous, etc. My GP told me to stay on the lower dose grains until next Tuesday and then to go down again. I am to go back to him for another blood check in January. I must admit I'm kinda mad at my gyne over this...I just sent her an e-mail with all this info (plus details of the blood results)...

The ONLY way I will have lost this week is from the hyperthyroidism: we had our firm potluck holiday lunch today and I'm finding it hard to breathe in my clothes! I will be ecstatic if I have maintained.

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