Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Being good, but feeling poochy

Not sure why, but I'm feeling poochy this week even though I'm still being good with my Drastic exercise and food. In fact, I went to an anti-war candlelight vigil tonight and spent my time walking walking walking while others just stood around. I must have burned at least a few calories! ;-)

DB is, of course, losing like crazy even when he cheats and doesn't exercise. Hard to take deep breaths and say "great, honey!", but I'm getting better at it. ;-)

Work this week is incredibly stressful...I am making no headway despite working non-stop all day plus evenings and some on the weekend. :-(

Sorry to see my Hoosier homey, Amanda, went home tonight on American Idol. But she didn't seem too into the whole AI thing so...but dammit, Kristy Lee needs to go HOME!


ar said...

Well this is now the good thing about it all. This will pass. The moon waxes and wanes. The sun rises and sets. So for every good moment there has to be an offsetting not so good moment. For us probably the challenge is to stay even while our not so good moments come to haunt us. I had exactly the same this week. It was so bad I felt like running upwards instead of away. I fortunately did not feel like binging but there was an urge to do something that had me completely restless. But this morning when I woke up it had passed. And I had survived it without filling the restlessness with self-destruction. That feels better than good!

Cindy164 said...

Keep on with the Drastic! It will all work out. And you are my hero with the candlelight vigil!!! Too cool!