Friday, March 7, 2008

The Drastic is still working

I'm down over 2 pounds from Tuesday and over 4 from last Friday. This means I'm down 10 from the horrible horrible place I was in mid-February. I am only 7 pounds above what I was at my absolute lowest since I started this round of "trying" to lose weight in late 2006. I am determined that I will break virgin ground in the next month. If I can lose even 10 more pounds before our trip, I will feel good...and I think that is a totally doable thing if I continue with my no booze, strict eating and exercise. :-)

I'm also really seeing results on the mat -- last night I did a side arm balance in yoga (this one without my knee on the floor!) -- I don't even remember the last time I was able to do that!! That, plus actually ALMOST getting my leg through from down dog to lunge are my greatest yoga accomplishments in the past two months. If I am making this much progress with yoga just once a week, I know I will make even more when I can go more often.

(Don't get me wrong, I am FAR from the yoga jockette I used to be. But, from my yoga training, I really NOTICE the incremental changes and that allows me to rejoice that progress is being matter how slowly.)

Swamped at work today and then headed to airport soon after work for the redeye (yuck) to NYC. I will probably have a glass of wine tonight to put myself to sleep on the plane -- I've been a such a clean marine with the booze that one glass should really knock me out. :-)

Hey, is anyone watching American Idol? I was sad to see Little Miss Danny leave last night -- I gently mocked him, but he really was a much better singer and way more interesting than some of the ones who are left. :-(


Grumpy Chair said...

Have a nice trip Helen and way to go on the weight loss - the drastic is really working for you.

ar said...

Awesome and motivating news Helen. Great about the yoga, am really envying you for that. Hope you have a good trip to NY. :>)

Vickie said...

glad that you are enjoying lemon and lime water. I love it - I heat it sometimes and drink hot lemon water.

Hope NYC is fun.

Vickie said...

We call it side plank.