Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Update (and not the SNL kind)

DB took me to a fantastic dinner on Friday night to celebrate my "birthday"...the restaurant is at a small airport near our house and has great Asian food. We got a table overlooking the runways so it was fun to watch the little planes come and go in the sunset. I had two glasses of wine (which made me tolerance is WAY down) and some healthy food (no rice). After dinner we went out to watch the planes and the stars, then home to watch Dan in Real Life on DVD (cute, sweet movie that we really liked).

Saturday DB left for Nearby Town. I opened and emptied the last 4 boxes in our extra bedroom (only 6 months after moving in!), went to the gym, organized closets (sent stuff to Goodwill), got some great under-the-bed storage bags and filled 'em up, got an oil change and did my weekly grocery shopping. After that I walked Doglet a little at the beach, then home to sit on our deck with a magazine and watch sunset. I started to watch Atonement then early to bed (P.S. YUCK, hated idea why it was nominated for Best Picture Oscar...Keira Knightley is so skinny she looks half-dead...she has NO breasts and I don't think that's natural for a girl in her 20s...I just couldn't stand to look at her.)

Sunday I got up early to go have Easter breakfast with my mom then took her for a drive down to look at the ocean (it was a GORGEOUS After that I went for a long hike in the mountains with a friend and her two big dogs...I felt very intrepid learning to cross creeks on rocks with my bad knees and toe! I'm definitely not Wilderness Girl, but the views are so beautiful and you get exercise while having fun! :-) Got home in time for another walk at the beach with Doglet.

I started to watch No Country for Old Men last night...will finish tonight after Dancing With the far, so good.

I'll be working hard on The Drastic with DB gone this week -- I'll be having salad every night!! Hopefully this will make up for some business lunches I have to go to. :-)

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Grumpy Chair said...

Helen, you had an eventful and productive weekend!

I love your tips on movies - gonna rent "Dan in real life" and sit back and enjoy tomorrow afternoon (after aerobics of course).