Thursday, March 6, 2008

Getting ready for quick trip to NYC

We're headed to NYC on the redeye (YUCK) tomorrow night for a few days. My niece is in a play on Monday and wanted us there so, of courses, we're going! I also will be able to see one of my very best friends who just moved back to Woodstock and also a very old friend who I worked with when I first moved to NYC in 1983.

I'm really looking forward to all of it (except the flight parts...I do not like to fly and the redeye is horrible, but it was the best option this time...I hope I can figure out how to go to sleep at 10 pm without drinking). I'm trying to psyche myself up for no drinking and keeping at the good eating while we are away since I won't be able to get much (if any) exercise other than the usual lots of walking around the city. I am planning to take an artichoke or two for snacking on the plane and need to check and hope they don't feed us any irresistible fattening stuff (although I think airlines are doing a LOT better than they used to with food they serve).

Tonight I have yoga since I'll be gone on the weekend, and then have to pack everything to be ready to go right after work tomorrow.

I've been good this week so I hope the 2 pound loss I saw on Tuesday sticks when I do my "official" weigh-in tomorrow...

P.S. to anyone who is interested. The candida cleanse is mostly about changing what you eat to try to kill off this fungus that lives in your intestines. Most of what they cut out is stuff that I already do not eat or eat little of -- sugar and refined carbs. That is what feeds the candida and you want to starve it to get rid of it. Drinking squeezed lemon or lime in water is one of the things I've seen recommended...and both DB and I are loving that as our new regular drink! :-)

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Lori said...

Too bad you can't see FK but time is short (and she's writing too). Maybe you can look up something on the web about the redeye and getting some sleep (Ambien?).

Now that you explained the candida cleanse, it doesn't sound that bad -- I mean, who really needs sugar and refined carbs? Take care and have a blast!