Thursday, November 6, 2008

And the celebrating continues...

Wow, what a crazy two days...I haven't had a single day that I haven't cried since Tuesday. I read somewhere that someone said these last days have brought the country together in tears in a way it hasn't been since 9/11...but that we like these tears of JOY better! I feel so much happier and more hopeful than I have in a LONG time. Hallelujah and welcome President Obama!!!!!

I feel like personally thanking and hugging every single person in the UNITED States that voted for President O...I am THAT grateful. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Having said that, I also realize that the next years are going to be HARD and we need each other more than ever. I too will be praying hard for our new president...his task is unimaginable. But, if anyone can get us through this, I think he can. Yes, we can!! (oh oh, I think I'm gonna cry again...)

If you saw Oprah come out screaming at the beginning of her show yesterday that is pretty much what I looked like (with paler skin and different hair and maybe, hopefully a bit thinner!) on Tuesday night. I kept screaming out my door "I love you, California" and "thank you, America". There were even fireworks in our neighborhood. Cool.

Then yesterday was my mom's 79th birthday and DB and I took her out for more celebrating. We had a great time. And cake.

SO...all this celebrating comes with, well, calories.

Once again, I have been "bad" this week. The only saving grace is that I continue to watch what I eat and I haven't missed any scheduled exercise at all (I even went to the gym on Tuesday night before celebrations commenced). But I got on the scale this morning to prepare myself since I was having a mini-physical for life insurance and knew they would be weighing me and it was NOT PRETTY. Luckily the examiner's scale was a full seven pounds less than mine...not that I believed it (I believe mine), but at least I wasn't as embarrassed by the number as I could have been.

So I'm going into tomorrow with trepidation...but I will weigh...I will face the music. I am so happy this week that (almost) nothing can make me sad.

The future looks brighter...

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Vickie said...

79 - amazing!

I was 33 and 37 with the girls. I didn't feel like an old mom with middle child at 33 (but did with the youngest at 37).

In your mom's day - she probably did feel like a later in life mom - because most people were having their babies in their early 20's then.