Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Got a grip

I got a grip and got away from the BAD food yesterday. It will be a miracle if I lose this week, but I hope to maintain. I am mad at myself for overdoing like I did. And, as a bonus, I got a bladder infection so am now on antibiotics for a few days. Nothing like that to make you feel even WORSE in your body!

I'm also getting scared of the holidays. I know me. I know that I will not say "no" to everything. I am scared that I will gain. While the weight I am now is OK, even a couple more pounds is NOT.

With that in mind, now I'm planning our Thanksgiving which we will have in Nearby Town this year. I am very excited because we will have a lot of people there: my mom, DB's two brothers, a sister-in-law, the PDs and their families, etc. The PDs and I are planning our dishes and DB will go up a couple of days early to get the house ready for the influx of kids/grandkids. (Oh yeah, DB ended up not having to go up there last weekend at all. Yay!) I am very VERY excited. :-)


Vickie said...

If you think that you will take food other places in your crock pot - I saw one that has a locking lid - that WOULD be handy if you take dishes OUT.

LG said...

At WW, one of the leaders said not to worry about losing over the holidays but to maintain. Maybe that's what you should strive for. From my own experience, you might just decide WHAT are your favorites foods and make a plan to have them. Whenever I've been really, really good and deprived myself, I get revenge on myself by eating something else. And, maybe I should have just had whatever it was (esp. if it's a once a year dessert or something like that).

Use smaller plates for yourself, smaller bowls for things that go into bowls to help you out.

The other GOOD thing about the holidays (at least for me) is that you may have more free time around the holidays and the gym might not be as crowded so you can maybe exercise more.

Get better!

Vickie said...

Middle child did Fandango tickets for 4:45pm on Friday (just last night) one of the other mom's agreed to go - I didn't want them to go alone - but SURE didn't want to go myself.

Vickie said...

Yoga North Studio will be closed for a lot of the holiday season. This happened last year also. Last year I had a good time finding other places that were open for a session here, a session there. I was able to find SOMETHING for every day except for Christmas day itself. Planning to do that again this year.

Bea said...

I don't gain weight from Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. It is the lead up and leftovers that get to me. Bells start their ringing and I start my bingeing. It is like the WHOLE SEASON up until after New Year's is a get out of jail free card. It begins to look allot like Christmas and I begin to eat. If I can control myself for the rest of the month then the three Holidays are not so much of a problem. Good luck.