Friday, November 7, 2008

Magic Week

So I guess the magic of the week extended to my weigh-in today...I am down a teensy weensy bit...but at least I'm not UP (which my behavior this week would deserve). I was perfect yesterday and kept up with exercising so that saved me. Am still over my lowest and not looking forward to the coming Party Season. I vow to be careful, keep up exercising a lot and watch food at all times when not partying (and even at parties...just a little less strictly).

Party Season starts for us this week with plans Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights! Whew...we're both actually tired already thinking about it and have planned to leave the party tonight early to get some sleep. Tonight is a wine-tasting at our new neighbor's old house (if that makes sense?), tomorrow is a first birthday party for a friend's baby, and Sunday is dinner with a couple who are new friends. Somewhere in there I have to get to the gym twice and maybe, if I'm lucky, get some down time too.

I'm starting to think about of our favorite places opened the other day with a huge dump of snow...hmmmm...

Still floating on a cloud about the Obama election...and trying to stay there as long as I can! ;-)

Happy weekend!


Vickie said...

it always amazes me how many things you two do!!! have a great weekend too.

Cindy...154 said...

My weight was way UP this a.m. but I am doing a retake tomorrow. I yelled out my front door Tuesday night, too, but I have a feeling some of my neighbors were NOT celebrating...but I don't care. I have a renewed faith in mankind..Congrats on the good weigh in.

Anonymous said...

Where do you like to go to ski? It's a sport I never took up and with my knees and the fact that I'm not all that fond of snow, I'm not likely to start now. It's great that you both love it and make it happen :)