Saturday, November 22, 2008

Loved Twilight



Vickie said...

I thought this was so interesting - wanted to share it with you - but didn't want to link it on my own blog because it just seemed a little odd (I was back in her archives). Foo is someone that was down to goal and REALLY thin and fit - and then regained. She is on her way back down again:

Vickie said...

I used to read her and stopped - went back to where I stopped and am reading to current - interested to see what happened.

here's another one that grabbed me:

on body image thoughts and her therapist

Vickie said...

Her husband goes on a diet to win $$$:

it is excellent!

Vickie said...

Thin = happy?

I read this and loved it - but I read it wondering about the addict mind and what she did from this point forward - got healthier? or gave herself permission to eat crap?

I read a lot of people that write about not worrying about all the weight stuff and that they are going to start living their real life - and I think that is the addicts mind - every time I read it.

Vickie said...
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Vickie said...

delete was me - I missed part of the link:

here it is again:

mirror talk posting that came immediately after the last one.

Vickie said...

reality hits her hubby on his diet program:

the day in day out hits home. And he isn't even thinking about forever - because he is just in it for the $$$.