Monday, December 1, 2008

The absurdity of the scale

I got on this morning despite my misgivings. It shows me up almost eight pounds from 10 days ago!!!! Now, I know that (a) I did not go to the gym for a full week (until yesterday) and (b) I did eat "bad" food this weekend, but EIGHT POUNDS? NO WAY. I seriously did not eat THAT much. I am posting this just to illustrate how volatile my weight can be...and how easy going UP is. God knows, going down is rougher (although my main reason for getting on the scale this morning was to have a high point that I would feel good on Friday about being down from!).

This scale adventure put a serious damper on my post Thanksgiving good feelings, but we did have a very fun weekend:

My office closed at 2 pm on Wednesday (a first in my 15 years here!) so my mom and I were able to get going early to Nearby Town. Traffic was pretty bad, but we made it in just over 2 hours (usually takes an hour and a half). We had pizza for dinner. Yes, that wasn't great, but not THAT horrible because it wasn't the greasy too cheesy kind. Settled my mom in her hotel around 9 pm and back to the family house to hang out.

Got up around 8:30 on Thursday to get going on the turkey. I had lots of help this year with side dishes (PDs brought green beans, sweet potatoes, corn casserole, strawberry pie and Sister-In-Law made fabulous mashed potatoes), so I only had to make the turkey and stuffing, oyster dressing, broccoli casserole and the pies (sweet potato and pumpkin). Did very well on food in the morning...just had some turkey jerky to tide me over. PD1 and her family arrived around noon and started cooking her dishes and PD2 and her family arrived around 3. We ate about 4:30 or so. I had one full plate with just my favorites, one-half plate with just a wee bit more broccoli casserole and corn and one and a half pieces of pie. That's it. May seem like a lot, but I don't think it really was. And probably would have been ok if I would have had time to go to the gym before yesterday...

We stayed up late Thursday night playing Apples to Apples with PD1 and her man out by the fire, then went back to the hotel for the night. Got up to the house Friday morning in time for breakfast, then gradually everyone scattered. My mom and I left about noon and DB started back a few hours later after some talks with The Evil One (yes, he's back to that). Lots of drama with his siblings over what is going to happen with the family house after their mom dies (which may not be too far in the future). The Evil One thinks he gets to live there with his wife rent-free and he is so mean (most times...although he was ok over T-day...not great) that no one else would ever get to come to use the house for family events. It was so great to see DB's girls enjoy being there for would be sad not to have that option. And the taxes on the house are incredibly low per year as long as the house stays in the family trust. But there are upkeep expenses and I don't think everyone will want to pitch in if they can't come and comfortably enjoy the house because The Evil One is growling around. It's so complicated with emotions and everything coming up and all the sibs are feeling angry/sad/resentful. :-(

Friday night we went to see Spring Awakening (which won the Tony a couple of years ago). Had great seats and it was a fun date night out, but the show was so-so. Maybe I'm too old to appreciate the teenage angst. But the music was really good! ;-)

Saturday we built concrete speed bumps/berms in two of our garages to keep them from flooding when it rains. That was an adventure! DB did most of the work because my arm was hurting too much (and I probably shouldn't be doing anything like that anyway!). I hope they work...we'll have to wait for the next rain to know for sure.

Yesterday we started to put up Christmas decorations...that was fun! Tonight I hope we can get our real tree (we got the aluminum one up yesterday). :-)

Then The Good One (DB's brother) is coming down for a few days this week and we have yet more theatre tickets for Wednesday!!! Tis the season to be art patrons... ;-)

So, I'm back on the good food wagon today. I'd be lying if I said I'm not displeased with my weigh-in today. I am displeased. Very much so. And sick of Monday posts always being about this similar thing. :-(


Vickie said...

how much sodium do you think was in the food you ate (that you don't usually eat)?

I think it might be family drama that keeps the world going round - it seems to pop up everywhere!

Sounds like a very fun time over all.

Vickie said...

I finished catching up on my 'archive reading' this morning while I was watching for school delays.

Vickie said...

Husband MOVED the scale for some totally unknown reason and when I got on it (in its new spot) -
it told me I weigh 238 pounds.

Thought that might brighten your day.

Bea said...

I'm with Vickie on the salt. I have found that any food I do not prepare myself blows me up like a poison toad.

We also played a fun game on Thanksgiving. It was called "Chicks and Dudes." Sort of like Trivial Pursuit with gender reverse slanted questions. For instance, when asked to describe Feng Shui Mark thought for a minute then leapt to his feet, hollered "Hiya" and assumed the familiar martial arts fighting posture. I almost spit a gut. I had visions of some oriental guy coming into the house, breaking the surprised homeowners' windpipes and then thoughfully arranging their furniture so as to promote peace and harmony. We have got to get out more.

Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about the scale - what matters is that you got on it, and it will sort itself out when you're back into your routine. Sounds as though you had lots of fun and activity over your holiday - without even having to get on a plane to find family.