Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ho ho ho!

I truly do love this time of year at work -- everyone else in my business seems to be away (or hibernating) and I have a chance to catch up and clean my office in peace. Ahhhh, peace. It's lovely.

I am still veryveryvery busy getting ready for Christmas. Had a lot of holiday celebrating over the weekend and, now that most of our shopping (and my baking) is done, we are facing the daunting mountain of wrapping! That's what I'll be doing tonight after the gym. Wish me luck. I hope I don't reinjure my arm! ;-)

Tomorrow night will be the traditional Indian dinner then walking the Venice canals to look at the lights (if it's not raining too hard -- it has been chilly and rainy here and, frankly, I like it -- it feels Christmasy!). After presents on Xmas morning, we (me, DB and my mom) are all headed to PD1's house for the day. We'll see both the PDs and their families and open presents. Considering that I used to be a "I want to stay home in my jammies all day on Christmas Day" person, it's amazing how much I absolutely LOVE this tradition of getting together with DB's side of the family. It will be really nice to get to take my mom this year too. AND we get to wear our jammies to go there! Score! :-)

At the moment, we all plan to come back to our place for Xmas night (although DB may be going up to Nearby Town to hang with The Nice One who is there all alone with their mom right now). Mommy will go home on Friday morning and DB and I plan to go up to Nearby Town for overnight with The Nice One and their mom. Saturday we'll be back in town, then going to Korean dinner with some friends. Sunday is Smiley (number 3 grandchild)'s birthday party (her b-day is Monday -- she'll be 4) and we'll be back at PD1's house for that (and for Xmas with Princess who is now in Southern State with her daddy and his family). Yes, there will be NO REST this weekend. :-(

However, there WILL BE REST the next weekend. Count on it. Of course, that will be after the New Year's Ball that we are throwing at our house. ;-)

Merry Christmas and I wish all of you out there in blogland all the magic and joy of this season!!


Vickie said...

my aunt's yougest's child was born last Christmas day - so at my aunt's house - they are doing christmas in the morning and birthday party in the afternoon. (I think I would be the mom that switched that child's birthday to July and did a half birthday, but as i write that - I have two kids birthday's in January and I never gave a moment's thought into changing theirs - but I do buy summer things/gifts!)

have a very wonderful christmas!!!

LG said...

Merry Christmas!

Your holiday plans sound wonderful and delightful. What a wonderful gift we have, don't we?

Cindy...154 said...

Belated Happy Holidays!! Miss you!!!!