Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snuggly winter day...

A quick word about chocolate: I have noticed that when I eat REALLY GOOD DARK chocolate, I don't get those weird post-eating-sugar cravings/crashes. At all. When I eat this, I seem to be fine with "just one". Hmmmm...

...and my sweetie is away! :-(

But I am doing really well this week and didn't do too badly last weekend either! Everything went as planned over the weekend until Sunday morning: when I called PD1 to say when we'd be on our way over to pick up Princess, PD1 said Princess was on serious punishment and couldn't go. :-( This really made me sad because I was looking forward to it so much...and apparently Princess was too or this wouldn't have been such a bad punishment. BUT it all worked out ok. PD1 said she would go with me (yay!) and I told her that I was planning to have Princess shop not just for herself but for gifts for her family -- learning how fun it is to GIVE (which, by the way, she's very good at actually). This was a surprise for PD1 too and she quickly revamped the plan: got Princess to make a wish list for her family, all the things she'd like to buy for them. Then when we arrived at the house, Princess told me the gifts on this list that she would most want to get for her family...and PD1 and I were off! We got presents for Princess to give to everyone...and she was thrilled. And I sneakily got a lot of ideas for PD1 too... ;-) We had a really fun day.

I did another big shop on Monday night and filled in some gaps in our list. By this weekend when DB gets back there should only be a few things to finish up. Yay! I love that I got this huge family when I got DB and I love love LOVE shopping, but I am POOPED. And broke. ;-)

Today I got the last package off to my NYC should make it in time...whew! Tonight I have to go grocery shopping for ingredients to make things to take to two potlucks over the next few days. I'll be cooking and baking tonight too. And am going to try to bake cookies with shortening substitutes (applesauce or butter...I know, butter is not THAT much better, but...). I've never done this and hope they turn out ok!!

I've made it to the gym on my regular days this week except for Sunday -- I figure that 4 1/2 hours of non-stop on-my-feet shopping counts at least a little. ;-)

I'm feeling good. Despite that one piece of Godiva chocolate I had yesterday. ;-)


Anonymous said...

your sweetie loves chocolate too ;-)

LG said...

As scared as I am with some of the stocking stuffers I've purchased for the BF's kids, it is fun to have another set of people to buy things for (and in a different age demographic, LOL).

What a good way to spend the day even if Princess got punished (and you even turned THAT around!).

I've really come to like M&M dark chocolate. (Hey, my password is strip! What does that mean?)