Friday, December 12, 2008

What I must remember during this season: EXERCISE

I am down a mere half pound this week. While down is better than up, this is really a maintain week for me and I'm grateful. I have not been perfect, but I have been mindful. And, MOST importantly, I have been right on with my exercise. I am reminded that I am not able to lose or maintain without a serious exercise element in my life. Even a week off really messed me up.

So this weekend as I look at possibly not making it to the gym on Sunday (am taking Princess for a special she and me shopping trip), I am also looking at how I will make that up. Possibly an at-home pilates or maybe I'll do an extra gym night next week. I MUST DO THIS if I want to maintain until January and continue losing after that.

All this is because I will not be perfect this month. I know it. I will eat a little more sometimes (not every day!) and I will drink (more on that below). And I enjoy that and I will try not to feel bad about it. I will take responsibility for what goes in my mouth. I think that last sentence might be a key to dealing with this life-long problem.

I want to "answer" Vickie's alcoholic suggestion on my last post. As a person who for some periods in my life has been an every-day drinker and who has had troubles with both food and smoking, I would be an idiot not to have considered whether I could be an alcoholic. I am aware that I have an addictive personality. I have looked more than once at "what is an alcoholic?" stuff on-line. And, while I certainly have some of the "symptoms" sometimes, for now I feel confident saying that I am not an alcoholic. BUT I definitely risk heading down that road. And I am mindful of it. I am trying not to be defensive here, but truthful. I think that, for people who don't drink or very rarely drink, the idea of someone having a drink every day (or more than one) probably sounds like an alcoholic. To me, someone who might do something every day that I don't might sound like an addict to that thing too so I understand. But the reality of my life is that I enjoy having a drink (or more)...and the challenge is not letting it get out of control. Yes, my friends, I am sure it's not a surprise to you that I can get out of control!!! ;-) It sure isn't to me.

Tonight we have our firm's holiday party. I am very excited because it's at an Indian restaurant that looks very cool and I love love LOVE Indian food (which, by the way, I also think is really good for you). Can't wait to go home and get dressed up and have some fun! :-)

Tomorrow I have my usual gym then some errands and tomorrow night we are going for a slumber party to some friends' house who live about an hour or so north of here. We haven't seen them since July and we can't wait! Then Sunday, the aforementioned shopping trip with Princess. (I am close to finished with shopping after my "shopping date" with DB on Wednesday night to Target. With my family and his, we have over 15 people to buy multiple gifts for. We are trying to go easy this year, but with my niece and nephew and his grandkids, it's hard!)

DB leaves for Nearby Town on usual, I'm not looking forward to his being gone, but I have lots of things to do: wrap presents, finish shopping and bake. Hopefully the week will fly by! :-)


Vickie said...

I applaud you that you actually got out the check list and went down it. I think that most of us just worry and dread and don't look to see if things are real. Sort of like not opening the mail, not going to the doctor but just living with whatever it is, not renewing licenses and plates. If you think about what you read it blog land - we spend HOURS each day/week dreading worrying about things - and often when we look - it is not nearly as bad as our mind had it. I had absolutely no idea where you might fall on an alcohol quiz. And I am glad that you know where you fall. I think I told you that my therapist and I look things up in her little book all the time - and it is amazing to think that 'x' is a problem and then discover that I fall in the typical/normal range. Or to think that someone else is typical/normal and that is the standard I should set for myself - and then to look them up and discover that they are the one with the difficulty and I am not. Very interesting.

I didn't think you were being a bit defensive - I thought you just answered the question - yes I looked - I fall in the normal parameters.

have fun with your weekend

Laura N said...

Helen I am just amazed at what a full life you have. Indian restaurant! Slumber party! Shopping with a Princess! And all in beautiful California. I'm drooling with envy a little here. :)

Oh the exercise. I'm lacking in it, seriously, the past month and a half. And I'm going a little insane! Particularly the past couple of weeks. I need it not just for weight maintenance, but for sanity maintenance. Know what I mean? Good for you for making it a priority. I know you are really busy.

Alcohol--one drink a day is no big deal, IMO. 3 a day...that's a different story.

Ha! My word verification is "turight." Too right, babe. Too right.

LG said...

Helen, you have a fun life! I agree with Laura about your exciting life. My password is grewer -- how funny!

Vickie said...

did you fall off into the ocean somewhere ???