Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Answer, question and more


- No, there is not a specific bathing suit I'm thinking of for May...ANY bathing suit would look horrible on me right now and will look better (not GOOD) after The Drastic. ;-)


- Had anyone heard of (or done) a candida cleanse? My yoga teacher suggested that I look into it. What I've found so far doesn't convince me that I need this.

I did a mid-week weigh-in today and was down 2 pounds from last Friday. I'm not sure if this is a good thing for me to do or not. It might make me sad if I'm not down that much by the time this Friday rolls around since I can easily fluctuate that much (and more). But it feels motivating to me to get on the scale and see it going down. The Drastic still seems to be working. I weigh less than I have since December. :-)


Lori said...

I would be afraid that any kind of a cleanse (I assume it's a colonic?) might disrupt the good bacteria in your body. But that's my thought.

Just concentrate on living well and doing what you can with the Drastic. The important thing is to work on yourself in ways that not just exclusively poundage and remember the flexibility, toning, and general good feeling you get from exercise and eating well. This will help if you have a plateau or get stuck.

ar said...

Sounds as though we are similar regarding bathing suits. I would never survive putting one on right now as that would be a killer. Guess according to the self-esteem gurus we should be loving the shapes we are in right now (in order to loose them), but I think there are definite boundaries for me here :>)

I agree with this candida thingie. I imagine the advice would have come as a result of the itch. These days everything is candida, maybe it is a name for lots of things that nobody has identified YET, and tomorrow someone comes up with didia etc. Why not try cranberry juice as that has a refreshing taste anyway. You probably know about this remedy as it originates from the States and is "prevalent" in Canada too. Where there is an abundance of cranberries.

Am soooo happy for you with your weight loss. 2lbs are super and as you say it is going down down down down. And all of the exercises guaranteed to give a wonderful lift. Think Mexico is fantastic, is it coming up soon? ar

Vickie said...

Dr Oz said on Oprah (rerun from the fall that was on this week) that none of the cleanse's actually work - it is eating healthy over the long haul that "works".

If you "do" anything with cranberries - be very careful - most cranberry products are LOADED with sugar (and I think that is why they are so popular).

If you are doing anything - I would suggest upping your veggies so that the fiber "works".