Friday, August 22, 2008

I always blog on Fridays

But I have to admit that I'm running low today on this...BAD weigh-in this morning. While I did get on the scale, I didn't even enter it in my running total of weights that I keep in my computer. It's too sad. :-( But I do deserve it. I've been overdoing this week because work and preps for BM have been very very stressful to me. Much more stressful than other years...not sure why. So I'm going to have to recommit big time when I get home.

So I had a sucky weigh-in. But at least I did it.

And as of tonight I'm "free" from my job for 10 days. But I do have a lot of stuff to do this weekend to be able to leave for those days.

And some fun too, of course.

I just want to be THERE.

DB and our friend left this morning. By now they should be in Reno. Tomorrow they'll be on the "playa" setting up our camp. I will miss that a lot this year. But DB really wanted to go early and I didn't, so that's how it goes...

Despite the weigh-in this morning, I have gotten tons of inadvertent exercise this week: biking, packing, MOVING practically every day (and my usual gym days too!). You can imagine how bad the overdoing has been for me to gain this week. :-(

And, for those of you who are my Facebook friends, it's not that I don't love you, but I am afraid of apps. Someone tell me they're safe and how to do them? ;-)


Vickie said...

so are you driving to burning man by yourself or hitching a ride with someone? Perhaps you are parachuting IN? I could see it.

Vickie said...

I thought of you this morning - I got slightly jumbled in my blankets and kicked a wooden chair on the way out of bed. Didn't break the toe - but tore up my nail pretty severely and now it hurts. The worst part is that I spend a LOT of time looking at my toes in yoga and it will take ages for the ugliness of the nail to grow out again.