Monday, August 11, 2008

Tired, stressed, dealing with eating well intermittently

Work is SUPER stressed and I am looking at being out and incommunicado for over a week in less than two weeks and I don't want people cursing me like I'm cursing the vacation person this week when I'm out (the vacation person left me with a million $ plus deal to finalize...AYYYY). But there is NO END in sight.

And I was supposed to pack up all my Playawear (for Burning Man) tonight, but instead I had a martini ...and am here.

And my assistant told me today she's leaving at the end of September to move up to where she grew up and her love lived (and while this is not unanticipated since I am her MySpace friend and I do have some sensitivity, it's a lot sooner than I expected it to happen and P.S. she's the BEST assistant in my office, period). (And not that I'm not happy for her -- she's been GREAT for me for three years and I love her and want her to be happy, but I will MISS her.)

And DB is in Nearby Town and not even hear to snuggle or kiss my blues away.

And I'm so excited for Burning Man.

And we had our office summer party yesterday and I broke the "grown-ups-don't-go-in-the-pool" barrier by borrowing a bathing suit and having someone try to teach me how to dive so I hurt my back but I'm happy because I wasn't scared and TRIED and was in a bathing suit in front of my oh-so-conservative (sometimes) colleagues and I was OK (but my back still really hurts today...I never learned to dive as a child...who knows why). And, of course, I ate ice cream yesterday...and beer.

And, whew, I'm so discombobulated and I don't know if I can be "good" the next couple of weeks with pre-BM stuff going on and our friend coming on Saturday and DB coming home the same day and client stuff going on Friday and Saturday nights and...and...and...

Maybe you can get the sense that things are not BALANCED right now. AND that's not great. But it's life, I guess. And I keep finding OLD friends on Facebook and that is fun, sooo...yeah, life is an adventure...


Vickie said...

it wasn't that he said something mean at all - he just commented on something (don't remember WHAT exactly) that was TOO MUCH at that moment.

Vickie said...

I can well imagine what it is like to loose a good assistant - do you get to hire your own or is it a HR department process ? Diving is very much a forward flexing thing - probably not a good idea at all. . .are you back to yoga??? don't want to get the hand/wrist healed and then have the back go out - that is my biggest fear right now - be just (it feels like temporary) back on my feet with my back and then fall and break something (else).

L.G. said...

You are so brave! I can't imagine jumping and diving into a pool.

I'm sorry about your assistant. Maybe I could come out there & work for you. :-)

Right now, you're trying to get everything done as soon as possible and it IS stressful for you.

As for "being good" -- just take it one meal at a time and one day at a time. If you have three martinis, so be it. Just start all over and DON'T beat yourself up about what you ate or drank in the past. You can't undo it.

Be good to yourself, okay? DB will be home soon.

Cindy154 said...

That's awesome that you were in swimwear at an office party. That blows my mind. I could NEVER do that at this point in my life. Good for you!!!!! Amazing! Sounds like you have a lot going on but you are still doing great really. Just that one fact, swimsuit at office fantastic.Hope your back gets better soon.

Tracee said...

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