Monday, August 4, 2008

Kid-ercise or Wave-ercise

There are muscles in my body that are sore today that I forgot I even HAD. ;-) This comes from a weekend of grandkids at the beach -- PD1 and PD2 came down on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, with their kids. Helen, of course, had to play in the waves with the kidlets. Somehow this really worked me out! Maybe it was the lifting of 35+ pounds at every wave. Or the walking/running through the resistance of the water. Or just the walking around at Festival of Chariots yesterday. Either way, I feel good and worked out today after only doing one formal gym trip this weekend. :-)

Other than the kiddie fun, we are way into Burning Man preps...I'm shopping and DB is building things. Three weeks from today, I'll be THERE. Very exciting...and stressful at the same time!!

We also saw the second Harold & Kumar movie this weekend...not nearly as good as the first, but still enjoyable. We seem to constantly be looking for comedies to watch...the dramas on my Netflix queue keep getting pushed down. ;-)

Last night we were super-hungry after working/playing all day and our eyes wandered to a pizza delivery menu...luckily it was for a special place that has actual SALAD pizza!! YUM YUM...a huge salad on a crunchy pizza crust. I avoid night-time white carbs like pizza crust usually, but this was really really yummy and I am CERTAIN it was better than any pizza with oily tomato sauce and/or cheese. Very satisfying for a special occasion.

This week I'm switching my workout nights to Monday and Wednesday because we have a birthday celebration for some friends on Thursday. I'm anticipating a not-perfect weigh-in on Friday because of that (I usually really go LOW on food and HIGH on exercise on Thursdays since I weigh-in on Friday), but am trying to mitigate the damage as best I can...still hoping to be a bit slimmer by Burning Man...


Vickie said...

It is amazing how much exercise kids can be isn't it? I can just imagine the lifting in the waves - hope you were careful about your back. I think that you mentioned your wrist was almost mended - have you just been resting it this whole time? What's the wrist story?

L.G. said...

I had the opportunity to rent a free movie and I didn't want to see some sad movie and there weren't that many comedies that I wanted to see, except Harold & K. I may go over to our library and see what's available on DVD.

I hope you are not so sore and taking it a little easy. That salad pizza sounds DELICIOUS!

Lynn said...

What are you going to do out there in the desert? I have a friend who occasionally goes as a nurse to Burning Man. She is amazed people live through it. Have fun. Don't roast.