Friday, August 15, 2008

If a pound is a lot when you lose it...'s also a lot when you gain it. I celebrate each week when I'm down a pound (or down at all!). But weeks (like the past couple) where I'm up a pound, I say "oh, it's just a pound, it's probably because I didn't poop this morning/ate soy sauce yesterday/had a martini on Monday night/etc.". NO. If it's big going down, it's big going up too. Damn it. Is it any wonder it's so easy for me to gain? A pound at a time works both ways.

And I'm sitting here TOTALLY stressed out at work and looking at next week being the same (or, God forbid, worse) because of it being pre-vacation for me. And I know realistically that I won't be PERFECT next week because of that, plus friend in town visiting, plus stressing to get everything done before we go away, etc. I feel like every single second for the next seven days will be full of STRESS. And, as someone said to me yesterday (someone thin, but with weight problems in the family): "we eat for two reasons: hunger and anxiety". (I can actually think of HUNDREDS of reasons to eat -- least of which is hunger -- but that's another post.) And the week after next, all bets are off -- we usually eat less at Burning Man and get more exercise (lots of daily biking and walking), but drink more.

And I miss having time to blog a little more than I have this week...again, no end in sight for that. At least I still have my exercise to de-stress...but next week, I can see it now: DB and our friend will be home all day and I'll be anxious to join them for fun and they will tempt me to skip the gym...I MUST BE STRONG.

So, I'm pretty depressed on the weight front. Just another thing to add to the list of stresses for me right now.

At least I still weigh about the same as I did after the big Feb.-May loss...

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