Friday, February 13, 2009

Facing the Friday Weigh-In

As I was lying in bed this morning, all I could think about was how I DID NOT want to get on the scale this morning. I have been better with food this week, but there have been continuing, daily birthday and other celebrations and I feel chunky. But I reminded myself how vital it is for me to remain accountable. If I don't see the number, I can live in denial.

No denial this morning. I got on the scale even before going to the bathroom. And I am "down" over a pound this week. Due to my behavior this week, this is probably just a fluctuation, but it feels a lot better than fluctuating UP a pound. I'm still not happy with where I am...although remind myself that it's better than it was last year at this time...but at least it's not getting worse.

Talked about weight, etc. with my sister this morning...she's gained more than she would like recently too (although she's always been the skinny one in our family -- except for that brief, shining moment when she was 9 months pregnant with Muffin and I was at my skinniest). And DB and her hubby (Bro-In-Law) can just prance around declaring how much they weigh with no worries at all...while she and I hide the actual numbers from our life partners. How wacky is that? I know I've talked about it before, but it continues to amaze me just how different men deal with The Numbers than we do...

Yes, The NYC Family is here!! Yippeeee! Oh how I love Muffin and Jazz (nephew)!!! My heart just overflows when I look at them sometimes. :-) They arrived on Wednesday night and I've had to work since (although am taking off next Tuesday and Wednesday after the holiday to have fun with them). Last night we all played American Idol on their Wii (which they brought). Fun!! Not sure what is in store for my upcoming 5-day weekend, but I can't wait. We will have a ball! Even if it [sob] rains the whole time (which looks like a possibility, but we're not putting any energy there!).

We are having PD1's family (and hopefully PD2's family too) down to our house on Sunday to celebrate the birthdays of Princess (her b-day was yesterday) and Cry Baby (his is next Thursday -- oh yes, Aquarius-Are-Us!). That should be super fun. We sent Princess a video via her mother's Facebook yesterday and she just loved it (this is an awesome new feature I have with my new computer...sent Lori a message that way the other day too!).

Saw a doc this week about my numb foot (caused by ski inside of foot has been numb for over two weeks). Seems I damaged a nerve. It should regenerate in 2-6 months. And I'm lucky that the podiatrist I went to actually is way into skiing...he offered to help me fit my boot so this doesn't happen again. :-)

Hope everyone can enjoy the long weekend...I know I will!


Vickie said...

glad that the scale is cooperating with you! I wondered if you were working while they were there - or off. I have to go look to see what holiday is Monday??? - my kids still have school.

LG said...

Helen, the key thing is that you said,"I have been better with food this week" and yes, there were celebrations. But, but, you say you were handling those temptations better. Are we going to be perfect? (Well, some of you guys ARE perfect!)

In my moves, I have about 10 WW booklets from my weekly weigh-ins. I have been trying to find a place to store them so that any nosy parkers couldn't see how much/how little I weighed at various times. And yet, they are still sitting out on the tables (to be fair, surrounded by a lot of clutter too). I totally get the numbers game and who knows. (My weight is probably one of two things that I don't tell very many people, if any, at all.)

Have a great,fun week with your family! It sounds delightful!

Bea said...

Thank you for the hormone info. I currently look like Mae West. Does this happen with bioidenticals? Husband is pleased but I AM NOT. Fat people ain't that thrilled with bigger boobs.

Sounds like you are having fun. Keep at it.

Vickie said...

did your NY family head back east? house too quiet without them?

Vickie said...

and here you are all the way back to Friday again - too soon???