Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm sick

Yes, I do have a cough, sore throat and cold, but what I'm REALLY sick about is my weight. I have gained way too much over the past few months and it's REALLY depressing. :-(

Time to re-commit.

Not much more to say...I have continuing b-day festivities this weekend, but they will involve food and drink and that on top of feeling sick makes me feel...SICK.


Vickie said...

you are not alone - I have been reading and reading and reading - these types of postings all over blog land. From 5 to 35 pound regains - all over town.

You might consider celebrating your birthday with activities next year - hiking a trail, sightseeing.

did you know you can set your blog so a posting that you write now - posts automatically a year from now? (you just change the date when you write it)

I have all sorts of things set to pop up and remind me.

A posting about preparing in advance for the holidays by losing 5 pounds in advance that will pop up next fall.

Dealing with the holidays that will pop up the week before thanksgiving.

Girl scout cookies that will pop up in January - because I never remember to post it until February.

This would be a fun activity - and I think very useful too.

Lisa (downtown Yoga instructor that moved to NY state spring of 2007) once said - "You don't have to start OVER, you just begin again - from where you are."

Vickie said...

still up???? or can't sleep because of your cold?

Vickie said...

better now?

LG said...

You've also been very active this month and have had a lot of birthdays and parties and vacations. So recommit, stop feeling bad about what's already done and just remember you're human. (I know, physician heal thyself.) I think we all need to remember that we're going to have ups and downs and always struggle with this. It stinks but you have the best attitude about doing things (you and Vickie and Laura too!)