Monday, February 9, 2009

Less germy

I'm less germy, but still SICK about my weight. And I didn't do well over the weekend although I did get to the gym on Saturday and walked quite a bit last night before spending even more calories helping DB to clean out his office/studio in anticipation of my NYC family's arrival on Wednesday.

Spent Saturday after gym in bed watching movies: The Visitor (very good), Ghost Town (cute) and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (predictable, but I love Michael Cera). Yesterday was very busy: birthday lunch with my mom at a cool British tearoom, shopping for grandkids' birthdays, beach walk, cleaning office/studio, etc. I fast-forwarded through the Grammys just to see the performances (really liked Coldplay...and I don't get Radiohead at all). Was up way too late and feel it today.

I'm feeling not-too-hopeful about doing well with food with the family here, but I will try.

AND it's raining in Cali...maybe all week. :-(


Vickie said...

glad you are feeling better. cleaning his office has to be a good thing!

Bea said...

Happy late B-day. Take care of yourself even with family there. Maybe having family there IS taking care of yourself. When you have a moment read my blog and tell me what you think. My estrogen doctor's visit did not go as planned. Cheers

Cindy...154 said...

Happy B day!! Again if I already wished you one and late if I did not. things are moving too fast for me right now and I can't keep up. I hope you are feeling better. Laying in bed with movies is a wonderful thing. . .Take good care of yourself or better yet, let someone else take care of you!