Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's My Birthday And I'll Cough If I Want To

It's my wonderful absolutely fun fantastic birthday and...I feel like I'm getting sick. :-( I have been sick on a lot of birthdays since this is the season for colds, but it always sucks when it happens. I've been coughing all day and my nose is running and I'm sneezing. But I am DETERMINED not to let it stop my Birthday Fun! :-)

Last night when I got home, DB asked me how early I could leave from work today...he has a SURPRISE. So I came into the office early and am leaving at 5:30 when he comes to pick me up.

DB made me breakfast this morning (his idea) and that was sweet and fun (and healthy -- two eggs on toast). Then one of my best friends from college called me while I was driving to work and I got in a good long talk with him. Then two of my work colleagues took me to sushi lunch (healthy, except for the sodium and the green tea ice cream...). Dinner will be at a very cool modern Mexican restaurant downtown and then we are going to a show. :-)

Tomorrow night, I'll bake my famous birthday cake: German chocolate. Friday night we're having a small (for us -- about 12 or so people) dinner to celebrate both my and DB's birthdays. Saturday night probably going to my "twin"'s new house (she was born 23 hours before me!) to celebrate. Sunday brunch with my mom at a tea room. Monday birthday dinner with another friend. And next Wednesday: my sister and her family come to visit!!!! So a great Birthday Week is in store... :-)

To answer Vickie's question about my injury: I have hurt my right shoulder. It started with the two yoga classes I took two weeks ago. My arms were sooooo sore afterwards and I know it is because I hadn't done any real exercise with them for 6 months so they were weak. But I did down dogs and (the first class) some chattarangas. So my arms were hurting and weak after that. The Friday after that, I was going down on the floor at home to pick something up and used my right arm to ease myself down by putting it on the bed. THAT tweaked it something awful...could have been the angle, the weight on it and that it was still kind of traumatized from the yoga. Anyway, it's been hurting since. Skiing didn't bother it (don't use arm strength when skiing except to pole or to get up if you fall -- which I rarely do these days). But when we did our snowmobile ride, I was hanging on for dear life and that stressed it again. So I'm back to taking ibuprofen daily and hoping it will get better. I think it's a rotator thing because it's the same kind of pain DB had when he had his surgery in 2007. :-(

And, yes, I am very concerned with all the "new" yoga teachers there are in the world. I have been VERY lucky to have had some extremely good instruction from TRULY knowledgeable teachers. But SO MANY of the "new" ones just don't have the knowledge or experience or whatever to keep people from getting injured. Yoga is not "just stretching" as one truly clueless orthopedist once said to me! And, even if it were, it would be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. I hear of so many people getting injured in yoga and I think it's because of inexperienced teachers lots of times...although in my current case I only blame me...I should have known better, but it's hard to modify a vinyasa when you can't do down dog or chattaranga. :-(

Happier, healthier days ahead...and Happy Birthday to ME! :-)


Vickie said...

I think that Kate once told me that the most dangerous move (highest risk of injury) is UPDOG - because people just sort of hang there and don't support their back. If you think you have torn your rotator - I believe you have to go in and have it fixed - I don't think it heals itself - but maybe it is not actually torn - just bruised!

WOW - what a lot of birthday plans!!! Have a great time. Will be interested to hear all about the show/surprise.

Vickie said...

saline spray!!!!!!!!
the spray kind -
not the squeeze.