Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back at it

We got back Tuesday night from Nearby Town and I am swamped getting back to life and work.

I did pretty well the first few days away -- walked away from bad food and got my own. As time went on, I lost my resolve a little (although still was MUCH better than I ever have been up there). Feeding 20-40 people for every dinner does not lend itself to healthy eating -- I think the best dinner we had was grilled chicken (soaked in soy!), boiled green beans and steamed rice (more soy sauce). There were also fiestas of pizza (I stuck with the veggie kind...not great, but at least not pepperoni or sausage), spaghetti (I had a very normal size portion, i.e., not a whole plate), and deli sandwiches (I stayed away from the bread). Most of the meals had salads...not with great dressing, but at least I got my roughage.

I also took our hula hoops up there and hula'd at least a little every day. Not a lot of exercise, but some. Playing with the kids must have used some calories too, right? ;-)

I took four little girls (ages 9, 5, and two 4s) shopping for two hours on Sunday...SUPER fun, but boy was I tired afterwards from corralling them! Big props to you moms... ;-)

Some of my favorite moments from the weekend:

- holding Princess as she cried at the funeral;
- a special talk with Princess when we went out to pick up ice cream for the whole clan one night;
- another special talk/shopping trip with PD1; and
- holding Smiley's hand as she got the hair she'd self-trimmed fixed by a cousin who is a hairdresser.

The services were very sweet and heartfelt. The whole family was there except one grandkid who is in Iraq and one grandkid-in-law who had to work. There were around 40 people just from the family there. I am from a family that now consists of 2 kids, 1 parent, 2 spouses and 2 grandkids. We don't, and never did, have much contact with our extended family. I am constantly amused and amazed by DB's family...but, I must admit, that after 5 days with ALL of them pretty much non-stop, I was tired and was happy to get home!! ;-)

Got back to good food's amazing how a little bit of time "off the track" makes it a real challenge/struggle to get back "on the wagon"! I feel good though. Went to the gym last night and overdid a little on a weight machine on my knees...I will have to skip tonight for caution's sake, but will do some yoga at home to get in my exercise.

It sucked seeing photos of me this weekend looking poochy. And there are a lot of mirrors and windows up there in which to see yourself. I want to be happy seeing myself again. And I have to remember that when I want something bad in my mouth...

Thanks again to everyone for your condolences...while not unexpected, it has still been a tough few days on DB.

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Vickie said...

thank you for taking the time to write this all out - loved reading all of it.

Poor DB - losing a mom is always so hard - even if it is expected...

my husband and girls are headed out for part of spring break and I have (kiddingly) been asking if anyone has an extra girl (like the parents are leaving and kid (8-18) will be home alone) that I can borrow for the week. so I can well imagine how much you enjoyed all the girls.