Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Week before The Weigh

It's been a really fun week...but has it been a good week for my weight? I'm afraid the answer tomorrow morning will be "no", so I'm going to write happy things today and just report the sad facts tomorrow.

Monday night we went to our monthly local "experimental" theatre experience with our friends (and The Good One who was visiting us for a few days). I didn't eat dinner before but had a martini. Afterwards I was famished but I made sure we went to a restaurant that had relatively healthy choices instead of Mexican (where we ended up late on Saturday night...ugh). I had a beer and some sushi. Not too bad, but I know the alcohol calories really add up...

Tuesday I ate great during the day and then went to New Gym for elliptical and weights. While I love the ab machine there (I really felt my abs a lot after the weekend), it seems to irritate my shoulder because of how you hold your arms so I am going to have to give it up and do sit-ups on the slanted bench instead until I feel like my shoulder is really better. I am trying really hard not to have to go to the doctor or get surgery. The New Gym is very very crowded and the equipment is very very old next to my old gym, but for the savings I will deal. :-)

When I got home Tuesday night, DB wanted to take me to dinner to celebrate the progress he has been making turning his office into a music studio/office. So we went to our "local" (behind our house, has great Happy Hour cheap food) and had sushi (again) and I had cucumber salad. And a martini (we've convinced ourselves that martinis are less calories than beer...yes, we're both worried about our beer bellies or "beer babies" as I call them!).

Last night was the first night of our subscription to the Mark Taper Forum (famous professional theatre downtown LA) that DB got for me for my birthday. This is SUCH a fantastic gift!! Every other month through next January, we have a play. DB picks me up at my office early and we head to a beautiful and yummy restaurant downtown. We have dinner and then the restaurant shuttles us to the theatre (and back after the show). We found out last night that we also get 15% off our meal since we are subscribers...great! I had two martinis, 1/2 ceviche for appetizer, a seafood stew thing (light) for main course. All in all did well...except for the yummy crackers they put on the table. Oh well. Anyway, I love going feels like a real "New Yorky" night out on the town.

The performance last night was Pippin and I was so excited to see it! My college did it during my freshman year. I'm not a singer so I wasn't in this one, but a lot of my friends were and I just loved that show. I know all the songs by heart, but I don't think I've seen it since then. I thought this production was uneven (some great stuff, some not-so-great), but DB thought it was one of the best he's ever seen. It was produced with a deaf theatre company and the signing was incorporated into the show in an amazing unobtrusive way (even though there were actually two Pippins on stage -- the deaf one and the talking/singing one -- and several other deaf actors who had to have others speak for them). I loved the concept and several of the performances. What I didn't love was that there was no intermission and the seats in this theatre are WAY too close together so my knees were all scrunched up for over 2 hours...OUCH. I'm still hurting today from that. I hope there are intermissions for the rest of the shows! ;-)

We were so jazzed from the performance that we went to sleep very late last night. After we watched American Idol (on fast forward...what the hell are they thinking bringing that obnoxious Tatiana back?!), I kept singing the songs in bed even after we turned out the light. DB was amused...for a while! ;-)

DB brought me to work this morning since I had left my car here...I really like this part of these "dates" and different and it lasts until the next day! Did I mention how much I love this birthday gift?! :-)

Today I've been perfect (as I usually am during the day on the workweek). Tonight going to the gym and salad at home for dinner. This weekend we have more social occasions so more food/drink challenges. It's never-ending...

And Fridays come awfully fast...and I am feeling uncomfortable in my clothes and out of them. :-(


Doc Manette said...

After reading this post, I'm craving olives on a toothpick. Hmmm. Wonder why?

You and DB have so much fun!

P.S. - I used to joke that I have a pony keg for my belly.

Cindy...154 said...

I wish I had a "DB" to do that stuff with. It sounds wonderful...I feel sloshy today ... I need a modified drastic myself. I have not been doing so hot. But tomorrow is another day, righ? Dont let the weigh in get you down. you are having too much fun!! and yes, what a fantastic birthday present!!

Bob Skilnik said...

If you really want to know how many calories or carbs are in your favorite beers...why guess?

"Does My BUTT Look BIG In This BEER? Nutritional Values Of 2,000 Beers" is there to help you.

Really; why guess when you're trying to keep youself in shape?