Monday, March 2, 2009

Still in one piece

Don't worry, all...I didn't not attempt rollerblading yesterday. NOT because I think I can't do it or might hurt myself, but because my knees were a little over-tired from gymming at the new place (amazing how different gyms machines impact the body differently!) and then a long beach bike ride on Saturday. Yes, my eastern friends, it was a beautiful weekend. (But I am jealous of your snow...wish I could go ski, but can't afford any more this year.)

But I will be blading soon...and I will be super-careful, don't worry!!

So I did well with food this weekend and particularly exercise (2 times at new gym). Now if only my shoulder pain would go away...then I can hit yoga at the new gym (it's included in my $30/month -- down from $130/month!). :-)


LG said...

Wow, what a deal on your gym membership! Be really careful with your shoulder pain -- really be careful. You don't want shoulder surgery.

Don't be too envious of our snow; you have to a) GET to the ski resorts (there's one 20 miles south of us) and b) be able to AFFORD to get on the slopes. I'll trade you for your weather. :-) I'm totally over winter now.

Cindy...154 said...

I want to go on a long beach bike ride!!!

Laura N said...

yay you! So jealous of your weather. Not jealous of the state of your State. :(

You're doing great. Keep it up!