Friday, May 22, 2009

The experiment continues

Three Perfect Days is not enough to lose. I have to achieve 4 or more Perfect Days to lose. Three Perfect Days = maintenance. Simple equations are best for me.

My week has been nutty busy even for me. I haven't had any time at all to read or write blogs. No time to breathe during the day at work (seems all our clients are really active now with records being released, tours, tv, etc.), needing to mindlessly recuperate at night when not DOING something else (like, of course, gym).

My friend's surgery on Monday went really well. We're looking forward to him coming to visit us for a week at the end of June. :-)

We had an earthquake aftershock on Tuesday that rattled some nerves. The only way to deal with earthquakes is to live in denial. Millions in California do. ;-)

American Idol finale was fantastic this week...only a little less so because Adam didn't win. Although, in retrospect, I truly think that might be better for him. No one is talking about Kris (who, while a nice guy and talented, is no STAR). Everyone is talking about Adam. And that makes me happy. Can't wait to see what's next for him.

Had my annual physical yesterday. I'm very healthy (and only a few pounds heavier than I was last year). My BP was 100/70. Doc says I have arthritis in my right hand that is causing me the discomfort I feel occasionally -- at 47? He said it's hereditary and my mom says whenever she sees my hands she thinks they look like my aunt's who had arthritis, so... Doc also says to cut sodium (which I've been cutting back on anyway).

DB's hernia surgery is healing well...still has some discomfort, but much less painful than when he had the shoulder surgery.

My upcoming weekend will be full but fun: Star Trek tonight; gardening, Korean dinner and wine-tasting party tomorrow; Cutie Pie's 6th birthday party on Sunday; BBQ at friends' on Monday. Really not too busy for me! But I dream more and more lately of getting some time to just READ or watch a movie on DVD...vacation in July can't come soon enough.

Hope everyone is well...I'm going to try to catch up today and this weekend.


Doc Manette said...

Sounds like you had another great weekend planned.

Hope you are enjoying the three day weekend.

Vickie said...

this reminds me so much of Roni - when she was figuring out her balance point - I realize that you are still losing - but she had this same thought process - figuring out exactly where the 'lines' were.

you must be having a very good weekend - and busy.

No further earthquakes?

Cindy...154 said...

I am catching up. Glad your earthquake was not serious. I like your equation. Simple is good. I think I will strive for 4 perfect days this week, do they have to be in a row??

LG said...

I'm catching up too. I'm glad you see the good thing about Adam not winning AI. :-)

And your weekend sounds great. Four is a good idea -- and it's very doable. I know you'll be there!

Laura N said...

Hi Helen! The 3 vs 4 days is interesting. There is definitely a formula to how our bodies react to dieting. The new Crack Diet book talks about that, but I haven't read it in depth yet. It's even more detailed & filled with stuff I've never heard before, more so than her first book. I just don't have it in me right now to read & follow the plan, unfortunately.

I think Adam will be a big star. So glad he doesn't have to record that horrid song Kara wrote. Can you imagine?!

Hope your week is going well.