Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday night and all is well

The past few days have been nutty today that it's Friday post day and it's good news and I didn't even have time to write until now! :-)

Weight is down almost two pounds this week. I wasn't successful at my four perfect days, but I didn't eat out almost AT ALL and I think home eating REALLY makes a difference. I love to eat out, but for my weight, it's just not good. More proof of that on the scale today when I was expecting a maintain or gain.

Having said this, I have not lost in a month. I still have 10 pounds to go before St. John on July 18. I think I can make it, but I'm going to have to get more serious. Or garden for 8 hours on Saturdays instead of 2 or 3! ;-)

The REALLY good news is that DB's surgery yesterday was successful. He woke up in recovery in a lot of pain, screaming the "F" word to beat the band and the nurse had to keep saying "you have to STOP that!". They gave him some dilaudid and that stopped the pain. After that, he's had percocet to help, but truthfully I think his pain is way less bad than it was when he had the shoulder surgery. He was up for several hours today although right now he's enjoying our instant Netflix from bed.

We'll lay low this weekend although, yes, I will be gardening tomorrow. I will take Doglet for a nail clip first, then take him with me to the garden. My friends won't be home so it will be very zen and I'll feel free to talk to my plants as much as I like! ;-)

We may have friends over tomorrow night, then Sunday (if I don't do it tomorrow), I am digging into cleaning out MY closets. I have been thinking about it all week...preparing to LET GO. I am very excited.

I have GOT to figure out how to make a lot of $$ cleaning people's things out... ;-)


Laura N said...

yay for 2 pounds! Too funny about DB's recovery words. When Mark had knee surgery 10ish years ago, when he woke up in his drug haze he told the nurse "where's my wife? can you give her some of these drugs? this feels great." or something to that effect.

I'm sure you'll be a good nurse to DB. Enjoy your weekend gardening & closet cleaning. You need a TV show on HGTV--then they'll pay you to clean closets, haha.

Cindy...154 said...

Hooray for the two pounds!!! Cleaning the closet always makes me feel very good..