Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer fun

Summer fun...I've had a lot already and the next few months are full of weekends full of summer fun. This makes watching my weight extremely challenging. And, with teeth issues this week (thankfully mostly cleared up after second root canal yesterday), I found it hard to care too much. So I guess it's a miracle that, while up, I'm still in the 2-pound range I have been for the past month. I'm having a REALLY hard time motivating myself to go DOWN for our July vacation and's hard to see how I can be really "good" with parties, birthdays, more parties, more birthdays, holidays, etc. I am not good at "depriving" myself at such functions. The thought of it actually depresses me.

Yeah yeah, I know it's being good to me...why doesn't it feel that way?

I'm compensating by exercising more though. This week I only had one day without any real exercise (that was Wednesday when my tooth was hurting so much). I am really happy with my incorporation of non-gym exercise into my weeks. I feel really good and, except when looking in the mirror a certain way or putting on the wrong size clothes (when I feel fat), I actually feel strong and healthy and think I look good (not great).

I'm loving my option for yoga. It makes me work as much as a "real" class and I can do it at home. LOVE that. I'm loving my gardening. This week I do it on Sunday instead of Saturday because tomorrow we're having a big beach/BBQ at our house for our PWK (People With Kids) friends and family. Tomorrow I plan to get my exercise by boogie-boarding. :-) I still am hitting the gym a few times a week (weekday evenings mostly) so I am really mixing it up and doing minimum 4 days a week of exercise.

We'll see if DB and I decide to Crack the Fat...with all of the above, I just don't know.

Tomorrow's BBQ menu: grilling turkey (I have a whole turkey that I got free last Thanksgiving that's been in our freezer and I'm looking forward to seeing if I can do it whole on our grill -- we got a new, bigger grill for this that DB picked up this morning!), corn on the cob, pasta salad with vinaigrette and veggies, veggie salad. Yummy.

Mostly right now I'm feeling very conflicted about my loss efforts. But I keep trying.


Vickie said...

this is not a loaded question - it is an honest one - where you live people are REALLY social - take stars for example - how DO THEY STAY THIN? I am not talking about the eating disorders thin - I am talking about the ones that eat very healthy and have fabulous workouts - I assume that they are out a lot - parties or the like - how do they do it?

Helen said...

This is loaded because it is true that the perception is that my town is full of beautiful, perfect people. It is true that there are a LOT more people like that here than in other places I have lived...mostly, I think, because this is a mecca for naturally beautiful people who want to be actors/actresses/famous. It is a heavy burden for those of us who are not naturally thin (yes, I think there are people who are...I do think that people have different natural metabolisms) or gorgeous because that is a lot to live up to. People's expectations of physical beauty are very skewed much as your perception, not being from here, is.

The people you see from here (mostly actors and actresses who are not "normal" by any sense of the word) stay thin because of a natural propensity for it (which, again, I do think exists) and/or they either (a) don't eat, (b) smoke and/or do drugs, and (c) don't have to work at a desk 8+ hours/day. The ones who don't have disorders are able to spend hours a day working out...because they have the luxury of TIME. I and most "normal" people in my town don't have that luxury and, if you were here, you would see the majority of people look the same as everywhere else. I (and most "normal" people here) have at least an hour commute each day, plus 8 or so hours at a desk, plus all the time-consumers that are necessary to hold things together (grocery shopping, working out, taking care of bills, taking care of home, etc.). (The people you see on tv and in movies have people who handle all that for them. I know because I'm one of those people!) That doesn't leave 2 or 3 or 4 hours a day to work out like most actors and actresses do (and, believe me, they do) unless a person gives up A LOT. Personally, I am not willing to give up that much time with my lover, family and/or friends. And I acknowledge that that is a choice.

Most of the "normal" people I know who have what I would consider "normal" weights do not socialize like we do, do not have desk jobs (which I think are real killers for fitness) and/or do not eat healthily. I saw a quote recently where Lady Gaga was asked how "pop stars" stay thin. Her answer? "They starve." :-(

I realize I sound defensive here. I often feel very over-booked and am jealous of those that don't have the time commitments that I have to hold my life together...but I guess that is my choice. I try to figure out how to balance all that I am blessed to have...and not complain about it! ;-) With the exception of my weight, my life feels pretty perfect to me!

I was able to stay thinner when I smoked and before I had DB in my life. But getting rid of smoking and getting DB into my life are worth the extra poundage. :-)

Thanks for bringing this up -- the false perception of the "beautiful people" is one of the things that I think is truly dangerous. What looks "fit" on tv, often isn't. It's an illusion.

Cindy...154 said...

Well I am just glad you are having summer fun. I don't know about the crack the fat thing,,,it made me very moody. I vote for the good old Drastic. Keep having fun, though.

Vickie said...

I didn't think you were defensive at all. Good answers!

It made me remember Gwyneth's workout routine which was so wonderful that I was envious and still am!

Doc Manette said...

We used to cook our Thanksgiving turkey on the grill - it always turned out beautiful and moist. Sounds like ou had a fun and delicious bbq planned.

Love reading about your weekend plans.

Regarding all the "beautiful" people . . . I always feel sad when I read what an actress orders for lunch when they are at a photography studio for a magazine cover shoot (Allure magazine always writes what they ordered and wore). I remember reading that Kelly Ripa refused lunch and ate almost an entire tin of altoids. Altoids! What food group is that found in? Sadly they (actresses) have to stay on the underweight side of the chart or else put up with rumors of pregnancy or weight gain when they start looking like healthy normal people.

LG said...

Thanks for answering those questions. I'm glad you see the life-balance and frankly, I guess I don't want to be thin enough to not eat like Lady Ga-Ga or spend hours exercising. (Even if I had the luxury of someone buying my food, cleaning, and feeding me.)

You know, I'm going to ask a very loaded question but what would losing those extra pounds mean to you really? Would it help your health significantly? Would it make you feel better (mentally or physically)? I guess to me, you look fabulous and you do so many physical things that are beyond me. These are questions I'm asking myself and I can answer them easily: yes for my health and to feel better.

I'm not trying to say "don't bother" because we all know where that leads us. I guess I'm saying that I feel you're doing a great job balancing all of these things in your life and taking care of yourself (and others) on top of it. You are awesome!