Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Too much

Vickie talks about too much sometimes and right now I'm feeling TOO MUCH.

I love my social life. I love my friends. I love the opportunities that I have to see, do and be. But I think I'm overbooked. Some of you might have thought that a long time ago, but I am usually very good as long as I have a little bit of Nothing Time. Right now I'm looking at, literally, months of little to no Nothing Time. I am scheduled up the wazoo. And I have no one to blame but me. :-(

Last weekend, like most weekends, flew by. Right as guests were arriving for our PWK Beach BBQ, I managed to bang my head on our fridge. When our first guests arrived, I was literally crying in the kitchen with ice on my forehead. The pain was really bad. The bump was forestalled by the ice, but it was (and is) there. I felt completely discombobulated: dizzy, nauseous, unable to focus my eyes or form coherent sentences. This lasted for a few hours. It was scary (particularly after the Natasha Richardson accident). Finally, after walking down to the playground at the beach to see our friends and their kids, I walked home slowly (DB with me all the time) and laid down. I cried some more. And then I felt a little better. I think maybe some of it was I was just frightened. Ended up having a really good time with our friends and they all left before 9 so it was a relatively early night.

Oh yeah, I neglected to mention The Fire on Saturday morning: we were trying out cooking a turkey on our new grill(which is awesome) for the first time. I had read on-line to put a pan under the grill rack to catch the oil and get the turkey tasting grill-y. We were a little nervous about this, but tried it. I was upstairs in my office when I heard DB yelling "we've got an oil fire!". God bless him, he went into crisis-solving mode right away and smothered the fire with a wet (not too wet) towel. I thought the turkey would be done-for, but it ended up still being really good (after we transferred it into a pan to put on the grill, not on the fire, instead). ;-) We'll make turkey this way again soon.

Saturday night I had a hard time falling asleep...not to mention that I had to wake up every two hours to make sure my concussion (if that's what it was/is) was ok.

Sunday was gardening day. I got a good three hours of hard work in, then we all had beers and dinner together. It was nice. I had a hard time getting to sleep that night though, too.

Monday I woke up with a sore throat and still tired from disrupted sleep over the weekend so I decided to stay home on Monday to rest. It felt great. I slept way in. I watched a movie. I ate pasta. I felt like a new woman (still feel a little cold-y, but better). Monday night, one of our friends was premiering a portion of an opera he's working on at a workshop so we went to that and had fun. I still felt rested on Tuesday morning when I got up for work even though it was a kind of late night.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that DB started on the Crack-the-Fat-Code diet on Monday. Of course, he didn't tell me ahead of time that he was doing this, so I couldn't join. :-( I can't start things without planning. And, frankly, the more I read, the more I'm not so sure this is something for me. It's not a maintainable thing for me long-term (too rigid) -- I avoid that stuff because it's setting myself up for continual failure. I'm sure DB will lose this week...he is being very good. And I will probably eat somewhat like him if he sticks with it. We'll see.

Work is, of course, nutty because I missed a day (it was nutty before). I never seem to catch up.

I'm working out two nights this week, but not my usual nights: last night to the gym and tonight with yogatoday. This is because tomorrow night I'm off to a Green Day show with DB, the PDs and their men. Should be fun...but will be hard to be "good".

This weekend we are probably taking care of the kids (3 teens, one baby) of some friends who might be going out of town for some Couple Time. This will be fun but, of course, more of Too Much.

After this weekend, I look at my calendar and see literally every weekend except ONE in July where we are booked until we come back from our trip to St. John at the end of July...and then we have to start really prep'ing for Burning Man. I love summer, but how come the fun now looks just like commitment and no relaxation (except for our trips)? :-( I know it's all FUN that is booked, but...


Cindy...154 said...

I woke up with a sore throat this week, too. I am glad your head got better, though. that was kind of scary I think. I know what its like to be overbooked, even if it is all stuff you enjoy. I hope you get some nothing time.

Vickie said...

if you like balls to the wall - do you also like reverse plank and table top with reverse hands?

Those are the two yoga moves that I just never have come to terms with - but I MAKE myself do them - because I totally recognize they are probably the ones I need the most if I hate them. . .

Vickie said...

Your post made me think
Dancing just as fast as I can. . .

LG said...

Everything you have planned sounds lots of fun even with the work. I'm glad there was no damage to either the house, the beach or the bird with the fire.

But most of all, I'm glad you're okay after hitting your head that hard.