Friday, June 26, 2009

What a weird day yesterday was...

Before I dive into my usual subject, I want to include some thoughts on the events of yesterday (taken from an e-mail earlier to reason to re-write!):

I am very sad about Michael Jackson's death. He was a hugely talented person and had a truly tragic life. I just can't bring myself to smile at the jokes or snarky remarks quite yet. I love the Jackson 5, I loved his early solo work, and I just wish his troubled soul a well-deserved rest. He was a punchline for a long time...I don't want that for him now. Can't help but think that we, the public, contributed to his bizarre life (and, yes, I am looking at TMZ and listening to all the news so I am not un-guilty of contributing to the star-crazed culture). I don't think we will ever see another star like him...the business is not as centralized and never will be....

Lisa Marie Presley wrote a really beautiful blog on her MySpace today:

Anyway, sorry, feeling very nostalgic and particularly sad for his family today (and also for Farrah's family who must be thinking "what about us? we're sad too!")...

On the weight-loss front, it's still going great. Fridays are not such a big thang anymore since I'm weighing every day, but I am down about 4 pounds from last Friday and the total since starting the Crack diet is now about 12.5 pounds in less than three weeks. This is more than I ever dreamed of so I am extremely happy. Most of my "skinny" pants fit now and I am getting oh-so-close to virgin territory again.

DB and I were extra good yesterday in preparation for possibly breaking our alcohol-fast tonight when my friend from college arrives. It's a very hard thing -- we both look at the scale (he's down 18 pounds in just less than 4 weeks) and are so happy, but we do miss the cocktails. We may try some vodka this weekend (no carbs) rather than beer. (Diet Sprite has become our new wouldn't believe the number of empty cases we have! I guess it's better than beer cases!) I'm looking forward to a martini tonight and we'll see what the scale says tomorrow. I plan to stay on program the rest of the weekend (alcohol is allowed tomorrow).

I am SO ready for vacation...we leave in 22 days. :-)


Vickie said...

I went and bought the book.

I went to the bookstore and tried to find it by myself. Thought - how many books there are in this section! I had never looked there (for anything) before. I could well imagine a person that doesn't have a clue and is just starting out - being totally overwhelmed!!!

And I have to admit - I was mortified to have to go ask for help to find this book. When we found it - I was less mortified - did NOT have the word DIET spread all over the cover.

It didn't bother me to check out with the book - just finding it. And I was able to read it at the pool without worrying who might see me.

I already do NOT think of this as d-i-e-t (I didn't the first time around with that plan either). I thought of that one as eating evenly from the food groups and portions and mealtime.

This one I am thinking pure MACRO. And if/when people ask me what I am doing (assuming that I look like I have lost weight) that is what I will say - MACRO.

There was ONE copy in the whole store - and so I figured that was a sign.

Middle child was at a pool party on the other side of town - so I had 1 1/2 hours available (I had already run my other errands) and sat down in a corner with the book to read (at the store).

The background music was frontground music to me - couldn't read there - so I bought it and left. Also thought that was a sign - my plan was to just READ it and then decide if I was going to buy it later in the weekend. Combination of only one copy and loud background - decided it for me.

I read it off and on at different points during the day (Friday). And the first thing that I wanted to do was re-write it so it was more user friendly. I am used to it now - but think I could do a better job condensing the info.

The only question that I have is egg whites. In the recipes it refers to one whole egg + 3 whites or no whole and 4 whites (for women) but I do not see this clarified in the actual food lists - is this what you assumed also?

I am planning to drink 16 oz HOT water with lemon in it with each mini meal (for my GI track). will this be enough or am I likely to need Miralax also?

I truly feel that I have come full circle - because this is very similar to what I did originally. I am not at all freaked out by the (low) volume of food. It is 7 days - not forever. And I remember very clearly that when one is eating 5 meals a day - every time you turn around it is time to eat again.

Vickie said...
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Vickie said...

keep posting and talking about this please - it really helps me.

My 2 weeks OFF does not start until 7/10. And I was going to wait until then - and then I thought - my afternoon free weights is the energy zapper for me. And that class is done. Can I eat the hardcore week with just my morning classes and not feel lightheaded? - I think I can. And then I thought - going to wait to start for 2 more weeks - when that would be 1/4 of 8 weeks already DONE?

so starting today. I did not have to do ANY shopping - I keep all that stuff on hand. (that said - need to buy full fat cottage cheese - I normally eat lf).

I still have protein shakes left from the first time - it is dry mix - not worried that it is old. And I am planning to do that.

Thought of one more question - did you do 5 or 6 meals?

originally thought I would do 5 - but nice even-ness about

egg whites+sprinkle of cheese
cottage cheese
protein shake
egg whites+sprinkle of cheese

delete was me - had too many egg whites in there.

Vickie said...

Farrah's family might be thanking their lucky stars that it was this week and they have some privacy.

I thought of Lisa Marie immediately.

It is hard to believe that he was 50 - did not realize that he was that age. And I do think of him as poor thing - and not freak. It is very sad - and hopefully someone with some sense will get the kids.

Vickie said...

egg whites+ 1T cheese + ½ c cooked spinach
½ g carbs

½ c cottage cheese
5g carbs

6g carbs (broccoli slaw + cabbage leaves)
Homemade eggrolls (cabbage is the wrapper)
with hot Chinese mustard

protein shake
5g carbs, 7.5 protein

chicken or fish +veggies+oil
2g carbs

egg whites+ 1T of cheese + ½ c asparagus
1g carb

Vickie said...

Am I thinking/planning right?

Vickie said...

the only other item of interest:
153 pounds (starting weight)
and that is naked but full
(after breakfast)

Helen said...

Whew, that's a lot to respond to! ;-)

I agree that the book is not really user-friendly in style and also is contradictory in places. When that happens, I am just doing what I want to for ME and that seems to be working. That is also different from what DB is doing, but it's working for both of us by just sticking with the IDEAS in there. :-)

The first week to me was not bad at all after the first day. I think you'll find it's pretty easy. I usually eat 5 meals a day, but on weekends when I get up later it's more like 4.

Neither of us is doing protein shakes. I think she's very contradictory in writing to eat REAL foods then relying on those shakes in a lot of her meal plans!

My usual weekday program for the first week:

1/2 c. egg beaters
1 oz. fat free feta
0 carbs

1 egg
0 carbs

1-2 c. broccoli (microwaved)
4-6 oz canned chicken
4ish net carbs

3 romaine lettuce leaves
3 oz. lunchmeat (low fat turkey or ham)
0ish carbs

huge salad with lettuce, mushrooms, onion, cucumber, celery
4-6 oz canned tuna or salmon or crab
3T dressing
5 ish carbs

On week 2 I added some Ezekiel bread and 1/2 potato when I need more carbs. Week 3, I've had some rice.

Last night I had some cocktails (way less than usual) and I feel HORRIBLE still today. I cannot drink like I used to. I am SO detoxed and clean. This is actually GREAT to learn before vacation. I can recover today...shocked at how bad I the past, DB rightly says that I could routinely drink that much JUST TO GET STARTED. Yuck, yuck, yuck. SO not worth it.

Vickie said...

absolutely had not thought about the fact that she ranted on about non-food and then recommended protein shakes.

6 meals was too much yesterday - dropping the protein shake today - partly because 6 was too much, partly because I dont' like it with water (used to make it with milk), and mostly because middle child loves these chocolate shakes (in place of real shakes) so she might as well have it.

notice that you stuck with fat free - (I did what she said and went to full fat - because I did not think my body would release fat with no fat intake and very little carb intake) - wondered what your thinking was - ???

also wondered what you were using for dressing - (I am using olive oil - she had it on the list).

Not noticing any thirsties yet - but saw what you meant about carbo'hydrates' (in book).

Very interesting about the alcohol. You know they always say that babies will avoid things that bother them or they are allergic to - and that adults CRAVE them.

Vickie said...

also noticed that you dropped your carbs below 10 (first week) and she suggested staying below 20. I took that as staying close to 20, but realize that she didn't actually SAY that - ??? Do you think it was 10 for women and 20 for men?

Helen said...

We are trying to stay lowER fat rather than full when there is a choice...we do use full fat cottage cheese. But we get VERY lean burger (4% usually) and low/no-fat other proteins except for eggs.

We have delish dressings from Trader Joes which are less than 4g of fat plus less than 2 g carbs per serving. I like the parmesan ranch and DB likes cilantro. :-)

I think it's below 20 g of carbs the first week for everyone. I was lower just to be safe. DB also was probably lower but I really think that she says not to EXCEED 20g so anything lower is good. I'm still eating very few "bad" carbs...although we have been drinking some this weekend (and DB had some chips today)...that ends NOW.