Thursday, June 18, 2009

A couple of other things I am noticing

I am keeping the weight from last week off -- net down is now just shy of 9 pounds. A few 10ths of a pound have come on and off the past few days. I wish it would keep going down but the loss last week was so huge I'm trying to remind myself to be happy to just hang on to THAT. Adding back in the few higher-carb things has been scary. But scale has remained the same within a few 10ths so I guess it's ok. I'd love to see a "down" tomorrow on the usual official weigh-in day (I'm tracking every day at the moment), but who knows? Several people have noticed the loss though, so that is good. :-)

A few not-so-great things that I am noticing this week:

Bad dreams: I am having at least one bad dream every night. Not scary, just bad. It's disconcerting and I don't like it. Have no idea what this is about, but attribute it to the program since that is the big thing in life that has changed (I was having them last week too, but not every night).

Digestive: This week, not so good. I'm wondering if that is why I'm not losing at least a little more this week. I'm still drinking enough water to float away...have to get up twice in the night usually.

Psychology: I'm not feeling so happy this week. I'm feeling hungry again and restricted and I hate that. Last week I think I was just in the euphoria of the quick and immediate loss. It's a lot harder psychologically when the changes aren't as dramatic.

Hunger: I am definitely more hungry after adding back in a carb or two every day. My body is acting like an addict. I do not like this AT ALL. But the program is trying to re-pattern how your body uses food so I'm sticking with's been less than two weeks...gotta give it a chance!

Finally, a question for anyone who cares to chime in: does anyone actually ever say you are "fat" to your face? If so, how do you react? I imagine it depends on who says it and in what context and I'm interested in that too. (I only remember someone calling me that twice...VERY traumatic.)


Anonymous said...

Good for you for paying attention to your body and your mind, noticing what's different as you try this new food plan. Keep listening and your body will tell you what's going on.

As for your question - yes, I've had people tell me to my face that I'm fat. It crushes me and I know that my face shows I'm falling apart on the inside. I usually walk away and cry in private, and think of snappy retorts then that just don't come when I'm faced with that cruel honesty.

Bea said...

Hey Sweetie, I am sick as a dog and am eating every carb in sight. No one tells me I am "fat." They avoid the subject altogether. Like ignoring the elephant in the room. No pun intended. When I was fatter the ignorance was way more pronounced. I think people were embarrassed. Like I had spinach in my teeth and didn't realize it.

I learned many things on our trip. One food thing that I had guessed at but never specifically experienced was that carbs demand more carbs. On the trip it became painfully clear that the more sugar and flour I ate the hungrier I was. A high carb breakfast set me up for a ravenous day. Also hot flashes. The more carbs, the more hot flashes. When I recover I am going to try Fat Crack and then back to Kay Sheppard.

If I recover. I am down for the count. Taking a shower seems like work. I sat by a teenage girl on the trip home and she coughed all over me. Phooey. Did not do the beach trip. Went to California-land. I would ride "Sorin'" a million times a day if I could. That feeling of liberation is what I seek in the food. Will write much more on this. I am now going back to bed.