Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheat weekend ends up only cheating me

Well, a few things I learned this weekend:

- I'm very detoxed due to eating plan of last 3 weeks. I am so clean that three cocktails on Friday night spread out over several hours (not an a-typical amount for me traditionally) was WAY too much. I felt like crap until Saturday evening. SO not worth it.

- Booze = gain. OK, this isn't new news, but let's say I was reminded. Saturday morning (post-alcohol-fest) my weight was actually lower than ever. Yesterday (and today) it's up about 3 pounds from that. Not entirely due to booze...

- Eating the "bad" carbs at night can't happen two days in a row. I had some chips last night. Bad idea. I also had some rice Saturday night at midnight -- even though that was a carb-up day, this was also a bad idea.

I am back on the carb-deplete today. Just for today. Just to get myself cleaned out from the weekend. I hope those 3 lbs. will be long gone by tomorrow. I'm thirsty today like I was the first week which I think is a good sign. (DB had a gain too -- a little less than me, but he ate more -- cheesecake, chips and beer. Very frustrating when I had only a few chips!)

Yesterday was PD1's birthday party at our house. We had a ball -- both PDs and their men, all but one grandchild (Princess was on punishment and didn't get to come -- I told her mother that felt like it was ME who was on punishment!). I didn't do too bad with the eating...didn't eat the corn we BBQ'd, just turkey, burger and salad. No cheesecake. No beer. But, apparently, too much wine. I also boogie-boarded for about 2 hours. My body is sore today. We walked a lot this weekend too. It still was not enough to stave off the lbs.

Cutie Pie (6-year-old granddaughter) stayed over with us last night and she just called me to say that her mommy (PD2) gave her permission to stay over tonight too. :-) I am taking her for a pedicure after work -- she remembered that I told her at Christmas that I'd take her for her birthday (in May) and "maybe you forgot". ;-) She's a pistol.

I had a small car accident yesterday morning on the way to take Doglet for a nail clip. More annoying than anything. Everyone is fine, cars are a little scratched. I'm sure they'll say it was my fault (even though it wasn't) and it will cost me. :-(

Last, but not least, my College Friend is here and it is so great to see him! :-) He'll be with us until next Monday... a nice vacation for him and nice for me to have him here.


Vickie said...

are you taking him to get a pedicure too???

have a very hard time with families that consider attending FAMILY events to be negotiable - we had a neighbor like that and I would love to know how all those kids turned out and if she sees them very much (like family events).

I had a hard time eating yesterday - barely got 4 meals in - just didn't want the food. Today I am looking forward to each 'mini meal' and am probably eating 6 again. So it was 6 Saturday, 4 Sunday, and probably 6 Monday.

I did not go to Zumba yesterday - no get up and go - in addition to not wanting food. Zumba was at a different place and there was a live band - I was afraid it was going to be too much chaos for me.

Today ate meal #1 - went to morning stretch yoga - ate meal #2 - walked over to check on my mom - went to ortho appointment with youngest - ate meal #3 - and now on my way to Zumba - then meal #4 - then flow yoga class - then meal #5 and then a movie (DVD) and then meal #6 if I still want it.

No thirsties. I am drinking hot water with lemon with each mini meal and also a glass in between meals. So lots of water - but no thirst.

Missing fruit.

I have not had one extra bit or bite - following it (as best I can with sort of bad editing) to the letter of the law.

Helen said...

I'm going to let G come to pedicure if he wants to! ;-) We looked at a ton of photos from college on Saturday night...even found letters he wrote to me back them. SO FUN.

I almost NEVER eat 6 meals -- I don't have time with not eating within 2 hours of bed. I eat 5 during the week, more like 4 on the weekends (when I sleep in). It's all about time for me. I'm rarely hungry on this plan.

I don't miss fruit because I don't like fruit anyway. I could go without fruit forever and not be sad at all. This makes this kind of a plan perfect for me! DB is eating some blueberries with cottage cheese sometimes, but he's now on week 5 so...

I followed to the letter until back on it again now. Are you weighing daily to see how much comes off how fast?

I am still feeling much hungrier on days when it's carb-up...I hope that means my body is burning!

Vickie said...

I was 152.5 at the end of the day today (Monday) - naked but very full. it will not bother me to weigh every day - and I should have thought of that - but didn't yesterday.

Vickie said...

does G have any hair left? just wondering? husband still has all of his - it is just totally gray. I on the other hand still do not have one gray hair - my mom and my aunt have been coloring theirs since their 30's.

LG said...

I hope you and G are having a fantastic time reminiscing. (Can't spell!)

Family stuff is hard but I think you've done a great job handling it. (And I can see why you'd think not having her around as being YOUR punishment. I feel that way about some of the BF's kids).

Have fun!