Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday update

Going into day 4, I went up 0.4 today so I am now just at 5 pounds flat down from Monday. Since I said I'd be happy with 5 lbs. in a WEEK, this is great! The loss slows down after the first few days/week according to my friends who have done this (including DB who is holding steady at 10 lbs. down as he adds some carbs back in). I am happy to weigh every day at this point and to have all this information from others who have gone before so my expectations are realistic.

Still...getting on the scale in the morning and seeing it be lower than it has been since January is pretty nice. :-)

Seeing Bea tomorrow night for dinner...can't wait!


Vickie said...

did the 10 lbs come off any certain area on DB or just everywhere in general - or can he tell ??? - I don't know one thing about where men lose their weight.

it will be interesting to see how this progresses (long term) for him - as you said that food is going to be very different from his usual. And we so rarely hear about MEN. That will be interesting in general also. Like does he go through any clothes, mirrors, stuff like we all do? And does he have any stuborn areas - and if he does - will he care like we all do?

tell BEA HI - and be sure to take some pictures!!!

Helen said...

DB carries any overweight that he has (not much!) like most men in his belly. I do see that he has lost weight both there and all over. He still has a small belly (wasn't too big in my opinion before -- you remember what he looks like -- when he started last week, he was the same size as when we were at your place in October).

He talks a lot more about how unhappy he is with his weight than I do...I think I am more ashamed/afraid of being unattractive. And, of course, I never EVER tell him how much I weigh whereas I usually know exactly what he weighs at all times because he tells me...happy or sad!

He does weigh and always has but not at a regular time of day or with or without clothes -- in my opinion, he is WAY less attached to his overweightness than we are. Probably because men's overweightness is so much less frowned upon in our society (at least in my opinion) and because he has never had any weight issues until now (in his 50s).

He says he has some "skinny" pants that haven't fit in a while but he hasn't tried them on since he's lost this weight.

I'll try to remember to write about DB's experiences the extent he shares them with me or I notice differences in our process/what we eat/exercise during this period.

I'll also try to remember my camera tomorrow when I see Bea. She sounds like a hoot on the phone! :-)

LG said...

I cannot wait to hear about your dinner with Bea. But I'm really also HAPPY to hear about your weight loss. YAY!!!

It's also interesting to hear about how DB feels about his weight versus how we usually seem to feel about our weight; ashamed. Perhaps it's that we feel like our weight is a moral judgment and men are like, "oh, I just eat too much -- gotta adjust." (I'm remembering my WW leader saying that she loved working with men. They would say, "OK, I will eat only 30 points" and not argue, debate or question the plan. She said the women usually always went, "But can I substitute this for that?" and things like that.)