Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday is nice again

Grand total for this week (from both last Friday and from Monday when I started weighing every day) is about 7 pounds lost. This makes me weigh less than since December, before Xmas. It's a LOT for a week and I know that it's not real YET. I have to keep up with this to keep this off...and I know loss will be slower after this first big burst. I definitely feel leaner in my body. Feel like I can pull my stomach in again (I gain weight in butt and thighs fastest, tummy leaves in reverse order).

I haven't felt really deprived since Monday. (We'll see how I feel about the weekend when I can't have even one beer. But I've had a week to prepare myself mentally and I think I will be ok. )

Last night I was very NOT hungry even at dinner time. This program really seems to focus on keeping your body fed so you don't get overly hungry and overdo. This is not my usual M.O. I usually keep control, stay very low on food during the daytime to stock-pile calories for night and social eating and drinking. With this 5-meal/day plan, I have a snack at 5 or so and then when it's dinner time, I am much less likely to overeat or eat after dinner. In fact, after the first day, it wasn't hard not to eat after dinner at all.

Having said all this, it still takes discipline. I can't get complacent. I need to maintain this week's loss and keep going. I'd love to lose 10 more pounds before we leave on July 18. But I'll be happy with 6. :-)

One of the things that I think really has affected this week is that I am drinking more water than ever...and I'm usually a pretty big water-drinker as it is. I drink NON-stop. I feel very thirsty on this program and I think the water helps flush out the toxins when you are losing this fast. I'm glad I FEEL thirsty because it reminds me to drink! I swear I lost a lot of this weight in the bathroom! ;-)

I also love that DB and I are doing this together -- he even cooks for me sometimes! We're using our new grill a lot...he's cooked chicken breasts and a turkey burger for me this week. :-)

I am meeting Bea and Mark for dinner tonight down in Anaheim. DB has begged's a long drive on a Friday night. The good part about this is that I can get there sooner as I can leave right from work rather than going home to get DB. Bonus! :-)

DB is continuing to do well. He has lost between 11 and 13 pounds (depending on which time he gets on the scale...last night at least 3 times in a row...boys are so different!). He's not like us...weighs sometimes with clothes on, weighs at different times of day, etc. This morning I notice his pants were very "gangsta"...hanging down below his undies!

Tomorrow we have two parties (a 3-year-old birthday party and a friend's BBQ). We have already planned to take our own food. Sunday is PD1's baby shower. We are taking pizza and beer as our contribution (it's a co-ed, casual thing). We are not drinking or eating any of that! Again, we'll take our own. This is NOT something that I see us doing long term. As we get to a weight where we are comfortable, my guess is that we will just try to keep the things we've learned and follow as best we can when social things come up...then hit the very-low-carb days hard afterwards. That kind of balance really MIGHT work long-term.

Vickie referred me to a blog yesterday where the person (who has lost a LOT of weight) talked about how she "hates" planning her food. I do too. But SOMEtimes it's just something I guess I have to do.

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Vickie said...

very interesting to hear how your eating patterns (night) have shifted.

I have heard so many people complain about their night time eating habits.

I do not have them (now) and had just figured out that all my early eating - just sort of holds me.

I am wondering if the night time eaters consistently eat very small breakfasts or very little food (quality) during the day.

It is not that I am hungry at night and fighting it - just plain not interested in food after dinner. And my dinners keep getting smaller while my lunch keeps getting (proportionally bigger).

I have also gone back to a couple (early)snacks since my exercise picked up - I NEED more quality earlier in the day.

also waiting to see how you feel about packing your own food. I can see that you probably won't want to do this all the time - but it will be interesting to see how you feel about the food that is offered (long term) other places.

I get TICKED at what is offered other places - do not feel deprived - feel more like - what are they thinking?

it will be enlightening to see how this all evolves long term.

I am enjoying hearing all the details. Love that you are exploring all these possibilities.