Monday, June 8, 2009

Day One of Cracking My Fat Code

OK, it' s ON.

DB has lost like 10 or 11 pounds since he started this a week ago...I would be ecstatic with half of that in a week! So we went shopping last night for basics for today (I'll stock up tonight) and I'm on the wagon with him. :-)

The patterning of eating is an interesting idea and, after the first very strict week, probably maintainable for me at least until 4th of July (when, undoubtedly, I'll fall off the wagon...and deservedly so if I'm that perfect for that long!) and then again until we leave for vacation on July 18. I really like to eat low-fat protein and low-carb anyway...this is just a stricter version of what I've been doing: the first week "actual" carbs are limited to 20g/day. That means lots of lettuce and broccoli. ;-) Five small meals a day is nice too...just when I start to get hungry, it will be time for a quick turkey/lettuce roll or an egg.

As usual, the hardest thing for me will be no alcohol....I do love my "treats" and that's still one I have allowed myself. But now it's time to get pre-bathing suit vacation serious (actually it was time 2 months ago, but I have done a poor job being "good"). And I have NO problem giving up fruit and sugary things. I love savory best. :-)

Send good thoughts...

We had a really fun weekend with the was way more relaxing than I would have thought it would be...with the exception of getting up early (baby up by 7, out of bed by 8)!! Both mornings, we took the baby and Doglet to walk for coffee (about a mile and a half round-trip). Yesterday we also walked to a Farmer's Market in the neighborhood. It was fun exploring this new area on's about 2 miles from us, but very different...lots of delicious green smells that we don't get too much at the beach. Saturday I gardened for about 3 hours and got a lot done. Saturday night we took the baby to Venice Beach's Carnavale with us and had soooo much, looking at crazy costumes, seeing a fantastic band with wild fire effect play, etc. The big kids were all really good...virtually NO work at all...only a little envelope-pushing. ;-)

Yesterday I tried to take Baby Sunshine shopping with me (she's 1 1/2...time to learn to shop) and this was not a great plan. It was fun when she'd say "toot" when I kept saying the clothes for her were cute (she has an amazing vocabulary for 19 months), but she didn't like being in the Baby Bjorn and when I let her down, she'd take off. So I ended up carrying her...outside the Bjorn (which also was still on my body). She's a really really good baby...we had a ball with her. Those of you on Facebook can see photos... :-)

Bea will be in town this week and I'm really hoping we get to see her and Mark...cross your know we'll be unstoppable when we get together!! :-)


Helen said...

The Universe was perfect's what it had to say:

As you always have, Helen, you're going to find, yet again and forevermore, that the hard and difficult stuff only ever seemed hard and difficult, before you began it.

Bet you feel better now, huh?

Begin it,
The Universe

Your life totally rocks, Helen.

Doc Manette said...

Sending you good thoughts on Cracking the Diet Code diet.

And hope you get to meet up with Bea and her hubby.

Anonymous said...

Not only does your life rock, Helen - you do, too! Hope you get together with Bea and have a great time together.