Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today's lesson

Carb-deplete day after "cheat" weekend = 3 pounds gone + back to low weight from Saturday morning (lowest weight so far on the Crack program -- which I may soon call the Macro program after Vickie because that is more accurately what we're working on). :-)

Feels good.

[13+ pounds gone in three weeks.]


Vickie said...

good for you - and macro really IS what it is. Plus I just cringe over 'crack'.

Vickie said...

and buried in the text somewhere - I saw her note that can NOT do full week carb down more than 3 times. My original plan - they suggested that if you had a carb heavy/dense calorie weekend that you carb down for two days (sort of like you just did) and then start fresh. So it is probably just the full week that is too much.

Helen said...

Yeah, I saw that too and it makes sense. You have to really try to stick with the macro pattern...and using that first week, huge deplete, thing several times just doesn't make sense in the grand scheme...even though it's tempting to go for that all the time because it's such a big loss... ;-)

I agree that the book is not well-written...we read stuff over and over to finally glean what we think she's trying to say! And it's downright contradictory sometimes!

Vickie said...

I could have done a really good job editing it for her. And I wonder if who ever did edit it didn't DO it. Because it is the sort of thing that you would have to do to catch all the things that she doesn't say.

Vickie said...

150.5 lbs

Helen said...

Yay, Vickie, that's excellent!! :-)

First week loss is big. Next weeks are much less but you are solidifying the first week's loss. :-)

Vickie said...

This week seemed like it was taking forever (miss my morning oatmeal - still have very little get up and go) but I realized that I actually only have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then I am back to Saturday (first day of the new week) again!

Helen said...

I get it...first week felt slow to me too until the last couple of days. I think it took that long to get into the groove. :-)

sharla*** said...

Hi Helen
13lbs in three weeks is great!
After reading both you and Vickies posts on this plan, I think I'm going to give a try too.

Vickie said...

full blown migraine today (Thursday) I do not think it is the lack of carbs - but weather related.

I went to free weights and yoga and don't feel any worse for wear (but certainly not better).

Meeting a (sort of) exercise friend at one of the local gyms for Zumba tonight - that will definitely either cure me or kill me - but either way I will feel better.

I can feel the pull that 'food will fix it' and it is interesting how our (or at least my) mind goes THERE. Once upon a time I would have tried combinations of anything and everything to get rid of the headache - and then would have kept cycling through it.

Today is interesting because I don't think I have ever 'starved' (you know what I mean) a migraine before - and it will be telling to see what happens.

Vickie said...

There appears to be about a 2lb swing between my middle of the day weight and my morning weight.

last night 150lb even - this morning 148lb even. The scale is not bothering me one way or the other - I am convinced that my trouble two years ago was meds related.