Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Feeling good

It's still working. :-)

This week I've been down a little every day. I'm now at almost 12.5 pounds off in a little over two weeks. I'm almost to the pre-Tulum weight from last year. And I'm feeling so good and successful that I'm looking at keeping this up until I'm "done" (whatever that is...but it's definitely a wee bit below my June 2008 weight which was my lowest in at least 3 years...maybe more).

I was talking with DB last night about all this (he's down nearly 20 lbs. in a little over 3 weeks!). It is so nice to see the scale go down every day (or almost). And it is so nice for us to be eating healthy together...on this program, we are sharing meal prep more than we ever have.

And now I'm looking at the week where my college buddy is coming to visit -- the time when I said I was going to be NOT perfect (i.e., I will drink). And I'm a little conflicted -- do I want a cocktail (yes!) more than I want to ensure that the scale continues to go down (hmmmm)? As always, the goal will be moderation. I have been so perfect on this program that it is a little scary to play with the chemistry (although alcohol IS allowed at this point). What I'm planning to do is an unscheduled "carb down" day tomorrow as well as the scheduled one on Friday. I hope that carries me through a cocktail or two over the weekend (when we also have a birthday party at our pad on Sunday for PD1). We know now that we can do parties without drinking...but we do miss it...we are just not the permanent teetotaler types. But we both realize we need to moderate...the beer definitely added to our weights...both of us.

I'm continuing to weigh every day to get the scientific's sure nice when you see those numbers be where they should be! :-)


Vickie said...

good for you - I am so glad that you are finding peace with this and not feeling (too) restricted.

And I bet it IS nice to be doing planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, whatever together.

I mentioned this (carb down food plan) to my Zumba instructor today and also the fact that I was thinking about challenging myself to pick up a Zumba class everyday (we don't know yet if that is possible - still looking for classes) of the two weeks that the yoga studio was closed. So, a two week push to see how much of this bit of remaining weight I could just strip off - and she was really encouraging me to try it.

Helen said...

You probably won't lose as much as we have because you have less to lose, but I'll bet you DO lose a good amount. Get the book. Try it. I like it. And I love getting in the skinny jeans (like I did tonight). :-)

P.S. I looked for Zumba here, but it's few and far between. :-(

Vickie said...

now how weird is it that Zumba is a NEW thing and it is all over the place here? And NOT there?

Where (on your body) is the weight coming off specificially? evenly? are you down to stubborn pockets? is it coming off the stubborn pockets?

Helen said...

FAR from down to stubborn pockets...I doubt I'll ever be there! It's hard for me to say where it's coming off...a friend told me yesterday that it seems to be leaving my breasts alone (yay, get to keep the boobs!) and coming off waist and hips (exactly where I want it to come off -- and this is the way I usually lose). It's the belly that bothers me most...I'm usually hourglassy even when heavy. I notice that pants are a lot looser and/or I can wear smaller pants comfortably.

Vickie said...

very interesting.

and I meant to tell you - I upped my food and went a little heavier on carbs when I upped my exercise - so that I was (hopefully) upping my metabolism.

My weight went up a tiny bit and then came back down - and now is moving down - but very very slowly.

I am not looking for REALY fast - but am also not really looking forward to spending another year not wanting to buy more sports bras, not wanting to buy jeans - because I won't waste $$$ on something that I am going to undergrow.

And this summer seems like such a good opportunity.

Helen said...

It's really interesting how changing the composition of what you eat affects the weight and rate of loss. It's really WEIRD actually when I up carbs and then lose after being low on carbs and not losing. BUT I am very sure that changing things up is a part of what makes the plan we are on work.

And I note that my heart rate with the same amount of exercise on the elliptical is still higher than before I started this plan. Hmmm...

Bea said...

Got the book. I am determined to "feel good" too. At least after the next darn party on Saturday.

I can related to the socializing thing. This will be my third party since we have been back. Who knew we were so popular? I want to spend time with friends, I just do not want to eat with them. The fourth is rapidly approaching and that means three parties in one day. Pancake thing in morning, hot dog cook out at noon and steak fry for fireworks. God help me.

How do you get DB to help in kitchen? Mark assumes food prep is my responsibility and his is to clean up. I like the clean up part but I get darn tired of thinking up things to have and then preparing them. I need to change the status quo. Maybe I will have him read your blog. He will smile and say "Well..." Phooey. Hope you are keeping well in all ways and not just weight loss. Bye

Helen said...

Parties are hard without really girding yourself not to be "bad". We did it by taking treats that are allowed -- yummy asparagus/prosciutto/cream cheese rollups, salad, salmon or steak for grilling -- and lots and lots of Diet Sprite (our beer substitute). It IS doable. And, apparently, at some point, you are allowed to eat just about anything...the idea is to BALANCE it with everything else you eat...and to really learn about portions. DB and I still have remind ourselves that we get full with smaller portions that we are used to. It's just getting ourselves in the new habit... :-)

Laura N said...

Hey Helen, just wanted to say on your blog WOOHOO for 12.5 pounds! & B is down 20?!?! Wow. You guys are gonna be hotties on the beach. So glad he's doing this with you.

I think you'll find that your drinks with your friend this weekend will be OK, esp. since you did the carb down day. That is the beauty of the plan--after those first weeks you can adopt it to your lifestyle. My problem was I had a few carb up days around my Half Marathon last October, & never got back on plan. If you two are committed to it together, I think you are bound to succeed. B/c the feelings of success & not being addicted to those carbs are fabulous.

I hate to use the word "magic" with her plan, but it really does feel like it, doesn't it? So much more than anything I've ever tried. It's the science behind it that is so provocative to me. Makes so much sense. Calories in/calories out never made sense to me, esp. after reading Dr. Atkins books back in the '90s & after seeing women eat 600 calories a day and not lose weight. Our bodies just aren't that simple!!! I love that her plan makes scientific sense, she backs it up with studies, & the practical application is healthy, doable, & sustainable.

Maybe we should send Oprah & Kirstie a copy. :)

Hope you enjoy the new book, too. It might be a good place to resume your diet after vacation.