Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yes, we had an earthquake tonight

Pretty big, but not huge. I felt it as we walked home from Chinese dinner. Earthquakes are much less frightening with you are outside than in a building that shakes. This was the strongest one my mom has felt and it did disturb her...she says she's sleeping in her clothes tonight.

Other that this, I had a beautiful, peaceful weekend. Friday night salad pizza and resting with DB. Yesterday morning Coffee Walk, then took Doglet for nail clip then took him to my gardening project (no one was home at the house on Saturday so it was just me, Doglet and plants). I didn't get through as much of the garden this week because my next area was so jungle-y...more than filled up the "green" trash container (which is huge, by the way, for people who don't live in LA) in an hour and a half. I also watered a lot and spent some minutes just plopped in the middle of the yard with Doglet and and a drink...looking, appreciating. Progress is a little slow, but satisfying. And excellent exercise on my body.

We had some of our more quiet friends over last night...they brought stuff to BBQ and we had a nice healthy dinner. They left by 11 and we watched SNL before bed.

Today my plan was CLOSET CLEANING. We slept late. Got out of the house around 11 for Coffee Walk, then leisurely strolled home. I started Closets at about 12:30. A friend dropped by in the afternoon to chat with us and I just kept working. Got about 4 garbage bags of clothes and shoes to take to Goodwill tomorrow. Finished all closets (cleaning, sorting into seasons, etc.) by 4, then watered OUR garden, washed Doglet and his beds and! Our tenant recommended this website ( to me the other day...they have a new 1 hour class everyday and it's FREE. Wow!! We'll see if all are good, but the one I did today had me dripping with sweat, feeling good afterwards. A great option when I don't want to leave the the summer, going out in the car from our house on the weekend sucks because of all the beach tourist traffic.

After yoga, I showered and did a few more things around the house then we went out for dinner. DB is feeling better though still somewhat ouchy...he's off the percocet though and just icing and ibuprofen and Tylenol helps.

Tomorrow is the prostate cancer surgery for my best friend from college...sending good thoughts his way. :-)

Hopefully reasonably "normal" week ahead...just having a friend over for American Idol final...otherwise just crazy work and life... :-)


LG said...

Wow, what a productive weekend. I'm pretty amazed (but not surprised) at how much you accomplished. Good job on the closet; I'm going to retackle that again on my end. I'm glad DB is feeling a bit better. Here's to a good and safe week! No more rocking and rolling over there!

Bea said...

I've been in three earth shakes. I don't think they qualify as quakes. One was in Watsonville CA and the other two were here. In all three of them I was looking out a window when the trees suddenly slid to one side and back again. In the Calif. one I was nearly cold-cocked when a hanging plant started swinging and hit me in the head. Seems hilarious now.

The two here were more boring. The earth moved, and then...nothing. Very anticlimactic. (Who knew there could be so many sex references about earthquakes.)

We are going to be in Anaheim the second week in June. Is that anywhere near you? Let me know. Mark will be in conferences all day and I am not sure what I am going to do. I guess I could eat my way thru Knotts Berry farm and Disneyland. Maybe not. Been there, done that. Cheers

Helen said...

Anaheim is about an hour away from my house, but in LA terms that is not far! In fact, Anne is in Anaheim right now, but I didn't know in time to hook up with her. :-( I'd LOVE to see you...going to find you to send a private message. :-)

Vickie said...

very glad that you write when these things happen - because I never seem to know them.

good job on the closets - amazing how good it feels to get rid of too much stuff isn't it?