Friday, July 31, 2009

Brief Travelog Pause

Weight is going down...I'm now just 3 pounds over what I was when I left on vacation and that's not bad! DB is maintaining at the same weight as when we left and we are still working on The Macro. This week we kinda played the plan by ear and instinct -- carb depleted (mostly) for four days, today we had some toast for breakfast and I'm planning to have a baseline-ish day. Will stick close to it for the weekend and go back on one or the other weekly plans on Monday. Both DB and I would love to lose another 10 pounds (I wouldn't mind 15).

I'm feeling good again...this plan rocks...I SO do not have cravings...feel satisfied physically 99% of the time. That just doesn't happen when I'm eating a lot of "bad" carbs.

Tomorrow I'm taking my mom to see some assisted-living places. She's starting to think that she's ready to stop driving (she'll be 80 in November) and would like to have somewhere where her meals are prepared each day. We'll see what these places are rush as she is very capable of taking care of herself still...but it's kind of exciting to her to think of moving (she's been where she is -- senior apartment -- for 10 years).

We're also going out tomorrow night for some friends' birthdays (another couple who has b-days close to each other like we do...theirs are next week) -- sushi and dancing. Sunday is The Festival Of The Chariots at Venice Beach and I love that (my Hare Krishna brothers and sisters not to mention great exhibits, yoga and shopping for cheap stuff from India). Then we have to start cleaning up our stuff for Burning Man (which is about a month away).


Laura said...

So glad you are working the plan & it's working for you. I'm hopeful for staying on it this time. I feel like I can do it. Esp. since I can read about yours & DBs success, too. (& Vickie's)

Burning man? already? Man, time does fly by.

Vickie said...

I absolutely can't believe that we are all the way around to burning man AGAIN!!! How quickly the year goes! For a moment - I thought - they must do burning man twice a year - seems like they just went. . .

Good for you in getting down (to net +3) so quickly! It has been interesting to see you go through it - to know what we would all do with a surgery or vacation or injury gain.

I read ahead - to see what I will be doing after week 8 and it is carb down for 4 straight days (instead of week 1) and then right back to week 2 (since I will still have more to lose). I will do weeks 7 and 8 as written (baseline for 5 straight and then two UP days) as it makes sense to be metabolism wise.

Cindy...154 said...

Ok that does it, seeing you looking so great and hearing you feeling so good,,, I gotta do something. i feel ok but not over the top great about my body... I am really enjoying your travel log and getting caught up - so glad you got the pictures uploaded!! I have been thinking about burning man a lot lately. I am wishing I could go this year, it would be a good year for me to go with all that's going on..

Cindy...154 said...

PS that ring is AMAZING!!!!

sharla*** said...

Just read your vacation posts. The picture are breath taking!

Hey, we have similar toenail polish-

I'm buying the book- doctor said I can start in about 3 more weeks