Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New low and funny DB story

This morning the scale showed me at a new low since starting this plan a little over 5 weeks ago: 17 -plus pounds gone. Among the new things I've learned/remembered on this plan is how powerful weighing every day can be -- if you are down, you are empowered to keep going and if you are up, you are empowered to keep going! ;-)

DB is funny about weighing and I have to share:

He doesn't weigh at the same time every day, with the same clothes or in any consistent manner AT ALL. He got on the scale last night (hello? any girl could tell you not to do that!) and saw that he was "up" a number of pounds. I told him to come to bed, go to sleep and this morning he'd be 5 pounds down. The first time he got on the scale this morning (no clothes, no food, after bathroom), he was down 4 pounds. Aha! I was almost right! But that was not good enough for him. You see he has this habit of weighing multiple times...whether he is happy with the first results or not. And he doesn't just hop off the scale and get back on...oh no he doesn't! He picks up the scale and wanders around the house trying different places to see if he gets different readings! LOL

Of course, he does get different readings sometimes. And he might do this up to 4 or more times! ;-) This morning the second result was worse. I told him that I always take the first reading for better or worse...I don't want to take the chance of a worse reading in exchange for the possibility of a better one. Anyway, just sharing that some men are weird with the scale too...

I am sure that I will gain on vacation next week...and I am (at least moderately) prepared for that. I plan to still watch the composition of my meals each day and to forgo the buns on burgers and things like that that do not add anything to the meal, but add to the waistline. I also hope I can remember to watch serving sizes (I am much more aware of those). But I am sure I'll be having some famous Caribbean cocktails and other just wouldn't be vacation if I didn't. And when we get back, I already have my plan ready to jump back into to keep the weight going down.

As to exercise, I am still on my outdoor/non-gym kick. Boogie-boarded (not very good waves) on Monday night, then long walk (probably 4-ish miles) with DB on the beach last night. Tonight I'll hope for better boogie waves and, if not, will walk or yoga at home with and help DB work on his studio construction. After tonight I won't be exercising until we get to St. John (where we will hike or snorkel, hopefully, most days): tomorrow night we go to see Jet (who sings one of "our" songs) and Friday is early-to-bed for early flight on Saturday.


Vickie said...

have a great time if I don't 'talk' to you again before you leave!

(he is really going to screw up the scale - they are not supposed to be moved. . .)

Laura N said...

That is too funny about DB. And YAY for 17+ pounds!!!!! So awesome.

I "only" gained 4 pounds on vacation & I wasn't very careful about what I ate (& certainly not what I drank--oh the joy of painkillers & bushwhackers, and also cheap rum). You will do great, I'm sure!

Have a super amazing time. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Vickie said...

I did good with both carb up days - thought two would be one too many - but I kicked my exercise (cardio) UP - so it worked out okay. And this week again - really planned what I WANTED - that was reasonable and that is what I had. I find that I do NOT want the stuff other days - but I do look forward to knowing it is coming.

Anonymous said...

DB is so funny - and so much a guy! You're right, any girl knows that weighing consistently is the ticket.

Have a WONDERFUL vacation, relax and enjoy yourself, and tell us about it when you get home.