Monday, July 6, 2009

Holiday weekend = Not perfectly on plan

While I was much better at dealing with food than usual in Nearby Town, there was drinking and there was pizza. Luckily the majority of this was on Saturday night which is the carb-up night on the plan. But the scale this morning showed me up three pounds from last Thursday morning. I am really not unhappy about this and expect that this will be substantially gone by tomorrow now that I'm back on the "wagon" and carbing down.

Photos from the weekend festivities show both DB and me looking a lot slimmer than the last family reunion. People noticed. That was nice.

As usual, we had a great time with the family. In addition to hanging out at the family house, we played golf (well, DB and College Friend played with the sons-in-law), shopped, swam at extended family pool, watched fireworks and generally had a great time. Saturday, Bon-Bon (youngest granddaughter) was totally in love with her Helen -- she wanted me (not her mommy or daddy) to hold her all day. This meant sore arms yesterday (small price to pay...toned baby-holding arms!), but lots of fun shopping, in the pool, etc. on Saturday. She fell asleep in my arms that night. Cry Baby (now to be renamed "Dude" since he doesn't cry when he sees me anymore) actually let me hold his hand and walked with me. I love being a pretend grandma. :-)

I have been having some real tummy and digestive problems since Friday. I am not sure whether it's (a) going off plan somewhat, (b) caffeinated coffee (which I normally only do a couple of times a week), (c) half and half in coffee, (d) weird new contacts, or (e) something else (feeling nervous about flying for vacation in 10 days, for example). I have pretty much eliminated (d) by wearing glasses and still feeling nauseous. I'm leaning toward (b). Will not drink caffeine tomorrow and see if that helps (and, of course, I'm back on program today).

College Friend left this morning. We had such a great visit...this is our 30th year of friendship (like with someone else we know) and that is really a treasure. I am so happy that he could spend this time with us. :-)


Vickie said...

that was a nice long visit - did you think he was 'grounded' again by the time he left - or was he okay when he arrived?

sorry to hear about tummy stuff - hope it straightens out soon.

I don't think you are a 'pretend' grandma - you have been around for as long as these kids can remember (haven't you?). I think you are the real mccoy.

Vickie said...

147.5 lbs at 7:30pm (after four meals, a ton of water, and 3 zumba classes) I forgot to weigh on sunday.

Vickie said...

do I now have a male attitude about weighing (middle of the day - after many meals and water)?

Helen said...

LOL...yes, you do! I would never weigh anytime except morning before food or drink, naked, after getting as much bathroom stuff out of my body as possible! ;-) Only men (and you) weigh mid-day, with clothes and having eaten, etc.! ;-)

You're doing great! Loss will probably slow down this week...but, for example, I still lost 2 pounds between last Monday and today (I start my Macro weeks on Monday like the book).

Vickie said...

I weigh naked - but full. Usually because I am stripping to jump in the shower or tub and think - I should weigh so I can tell Helen.

Anonymous said...

Love that you had a great visit with College Friend! While my parents were here last week, we visited friends of theirs - one they hadn't seen in 39 years, and the other, an old K-12 friend of my mom. They hadn't seen each other in 61 years! Having good friendships last through time is a real blessing.

Sounds as though you handled the weekend festivities well and enjoyed yourself to boot. Don't worry about the small gain; I'm sure that will disappear fast now that you're back on your plan.

LG said...

I'm catching up....everything sounds wonderful to me. Good friends, good food plans and good decisions. Remember, no one can be perfect. (Or as an old friend once said to me, "There was only one perfect person and look what happened to Him!")