Friday, July 10, 2009

Fridays aren't so heavy many ways

Since I'm now weighing every day, the Friday weigh-in has lost some of its, ahem, weight. I still look at how much I've lost in the past week (this week only 0.2 pounds, but staying THE SAME for this week when I was not perfect is not bad) and also look at weeks starting on Monday (the day our program rolls over to the next week).

This week I am looking at how I managed to not gain through eating out and some unscheduled cocktails, not to mention last weekend's "cheating". While I do plan to keep going down the scale, I feel pretty happy about just maintaining...15 pounds in less than 5 weeks is pretty darn good!

I am now at a weight where I feel comfortable and happy -- this is close to the top end of where I can say that. I think it would be nice to go down another 10-15 pounds just to give myself the up-leeway for holidays, etc. and I am going to stay very close to this program (with break for vacation in a week) indefinitely and see where it takes me. DB wants to lose 15 more pounds. I may have to keep this up to keep up with him! ;-)

BUT, going "off" a few days, I do see that I have to be more vigilant if I do "cheat" sometimes. I may maintain that way, but I will not lose. I watched DB have cocktails and a chile relleno (yes, that's relleno -- filled -- with potatoes and cheese!) on Wednesday night and have a cocktail, eat cheesecake and chips last night and still get on the scale this morning and weigh the same (20 lbs. down). I had cocktails on Wednesday night (allowed on plan) and one martini last night (not allowed)...otherwise totally on plan or even less and I went up over the past two days. I bemoan (yet again) how unfair this is!! But, it's how it goes... ;-)

The good thing is that I feel confident that, if I go right back on the strict plan, weight will get back on the down slide. This is a very good and powerful feeling. :-)

Wearing pants today that were tight when I bought them in December and today are loose enough that they are not that cute (DB's pants, on the other hand, are literally falling off him!). But it feels great to be back in smaller clothes...and feel like I look good in them. Having been a lot more overweight so much of my life, it's still hard for me to remember that even 5 pounds can make a difference in how clothes fit and look...and 15 can be huge. I keep thinking back to The Big Loss where it was at least 20 pounds between sizes...

This weekend I have a lot of errands to run pre-vacation (we leave next Saturday) and, other than that, blissfully unscheduled. I am tired from the last couple of weeks of fun so just lying in bed sounds pretty darn good. :-)


sharla*** said...

Hi Helen,

I found two books by the author
Crack the fat code and Conquer
The fat Code (2008 and 2009)
Do you know if they differ much?
Sounds like you have found a great plan!
Have a nice vacation!

Helen said...

I don't know but Laura will (see Life of L link)...she has both. She did the Crack one and is now on the Conquer one. I think she said that Crack is more drastic the first week...but I loved that...saw a big difference and that was very motivating to me. :-)

Hope your knee is healing well.

Laura N said...

Helen, I'm so excited for you!! I love that this diet plan has worked for you & is making a difference. It's cool that you can "cheat" & still be ok when you get back on plan, isn't it? That's one of the reasons I think this is a doable plan for life.

One week until St John?! Oh wow. I wish I were going too. I miss it every day! You & B are going to have so much fun.

I'll post to Sharla about the books.

Keep up the happy results!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - 15 pounds in 5 weeks? It's taken me 3 months to lose that so I have extra appreciation for the accomplishment! I'm sure it feels wonderful to know you're going off to vacation all trim and confident and fitting into clothes that will feel and look good. You rock, girlfriend!

Vickie said...

I looked ahead at the week yesterday and realized that there are TWO carb up days. And that this week and the next are identical. But when I looked at the placement of the days - I realized that they are both probably losing weeks - ???