Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Post-"bad" weekend recovery

The lbs. from the "bad" weekend are gone. I am really feeling like this program is something that might just work in one way or another for me for quite a while. Lbs fading away. Clothes feeling good. Time will tell... :-)

Otherwise, today, for me, is all about goodbye to Michael...


Bea said...

Hey there. Fifteen pounds is a whole bunch. I wonder what twenty will be like???? I am alive just very busy. Have had many California insights. Wish I could do the trip over again. Mark says we were "Fourth marched." I feel it. I am about as festivated as I want to get.

I went back on my food plan on Monday. Still detoxing. Other than that all is well. cheers

Vickie said...

how goes your tummy????